Can't afford Pele? Our picks for the best alternative FIFA 19 Icons
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If you’re a FIFA 19 Ultimate Team player, then you’ll be aware that FIFA 19 Icons are the pinnacle of cards you can own. The chances of actually getting one in a pack, however, are astonishingly low. With them being so expensive, your only alternative then is that you are going to have to save up those precious coins for one. FIFA 19 Icons are notoriously high-priced, but there are some hidden gems in the market that are considerably cheaper than their counterparts. Here are our picks for the best FIFA 19 Icons you can get for under 600k.

Hidetoshi Nakata (CAM, 88 OVR)

Starting off our list we have the Japanese legend, Hidetoshi Nakata. Nakata has 90 ball control, 90 composure, and 93 vision. The veteran will provide chances to your strikers all match long and can be picked up from the transfer market for roughly 500k coins. If you were lucky enough to get him as a Squad Building Challenge reward, then you’d have saved even more coins in the process. Nakata will be a very solid addition to your team.

Alessandro Nesta (CB, 92 OVR)

If you have any experience from playing FIFA in the early days, then you’ll be fully aware of who this imperious Italian is. Similar to Nakata, Nesta could have been acquired as a part of the Squad Building Challenges, which would have again saved you some coins. Nesta is a tremendous defender; his strength, heading, and defending stats are some of the greatest in the entire game. If you choose to buy him directly from the market, then his card should set you back just over the 600k budget, but he is certainly worth it.

Emmanuel Petit (LB, 85 OVR)

Coming in at number four in our list is Frenchman Petit. He is the cheapest on our list and can be picked up for as little as 470k coins. While he has one of the lowest overall ratings for a FIFA 19 Icon, he is one of the greatest defenders. His 80 pace rating isn’t ideal for a left-back, but he is faultless when it comes to defensive stats. Standing at 6’1″ and with 87 stamina, he is a defensive wall belonging either in front of your back four or as a defensive midfielder.

FIFA 19 Icons best Icons Overmars

Marc Overmars (LW, 88 OVR)

If you came to this list looking for a pacey option, then Overmars is the man for you. His 90-rated card will set you back a whopping 590k, but you can get his equally pacey 88-rated card for as little as 470k. Both versions have exactly the same speed rating of 94, and when you add his 86 ball control, 87 balance, 88 reactions, and 89 composure, he becomes the very definition of a flying Dutchman. Overmars is the perfect winger for any team and will leave opponents weeping in his wake.

Sol Campbell (CB, 85 OVR)

Defenders feature heavily on this list and with good reason. Campbell’s surprisingly fast for a defender too; he has 86 sprint speed, 91 strength, 87 heading accuracy, and stands at a height of 6’2″. He is an absolute force on set pieces as well as able to keep up with forwards trying to break through your back four. Most players will overlook this rock when it comes to populating their squad, meaning you have a great opportunity to surprise them in head-to-head matches. Currently on the market for 540k, he is a perfect choice for anyone looking for one of the best defenders.

Alan Shearer (ST, 91 OVR)

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived: The top spot in our list is occupied by English legend Alan Shearer. His Icon card is arguably one of the most well-rounded in the entire game. He has 88 strength to maintain control of the ball and good enough pace at 81 to be able to outsprint defenders. His 94 heading accuracy makes him perfect for attacking in-swinging crosses, and his shining quality is his 95 finishing. Costing roughly 550k, he is one of the best-value strikers in the game for goals he will net you. While others might know Shearer for his iconic celebrations, most won’t be aware of his attacking prowess. His card sets out to make people aware of his legendary status. Shearer absolutely belongs at the top of this list and at the front of your squad.