Can you play the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign in Co-op?
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Every year, players who want to experience the new Call of Duty Campaign ask the same question: can you play it with a friend? With the Modern Warfare 3 Early Access Campaign about to release, those same questions surrounding the possibility of co-op are starting to pop up again.

While co-op has always been a feature in the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty titles, that feature has never made its way into the Campaign. This is primarily because Campaign has always been called a “singleplayer” experience, so it wouldn’t seem right to include other players in it.

However, those in the community itching to experience a Call of Duty Campaign with a friend can always hold out hope.

Is the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Co-op?

The MW3 Campaign launches in Early Access on Nov. 2. Image via Activision

Unfortunately, yet again, the Campaign for MW3 does not feature any type of co-op capabilities. Even with the developers innovating the mission structure of the Campaign, you will have to take on the entirety of the singleplayer story as a solo player.

It’s unclear if any future Call of Duty Campaign will feature some type of co-op. However, it seems unlikely, as Activision clearly prefers to save the co-op experience for the multiplayer modes.

The closest that you can get to having a co-op experience with some type of story attached to it in MW3 is with the Zombies mode. The mode features story elements and can be played with up to four players in your party.

While this isn’t the same as a traditional Campaign, it might suffice for players who want to party up with friends outside of the traditional multiplayer playlists.

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