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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard people talking about Palworld, the open-world game with Pokemon-esque creatures who can carry guns. With so much hype, everyone is trying to play, but Mac users may be wondering if they can get in on the action.

No doubt, Palworld has dominated social media since its early-access release on January 19, with Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Twitch all going crazy for it. Already becoming the second-highest-played paid game on Steam, people are desperate to try it for themselves.

If you have a Mac, however, you know what it’s like to be left out in the cold, as not all titles are available on the MacOS operating system at launch.

Can you play Palworld natively on MacOS?

No, you cannot play Palworld on your Mac. If you open up Steam and search for the game, you’ll find that you can purchase it, but you won’t be able to download it. Even if you bought it on a Windows PC, and try to download it on your Mac after that, you’ll face the same issue. I know this for certain, as I did exactly that.

That means, just like your PS5 compadres, you won’t be able to play the game on your Macbook, or Mac Pro. The only way to play it currently is on PC through Steam or Xbox Game Pass PC, or on Xbox consoles.

Is there any way to play Palworld on a Mac?

While the game is not available natively on MacOS, the good news is that if you are absolutely desperate to try the game for yourself, there are a couple of ways you can do it through Parallels or Steam Remote Play.

Be warned though, you’re not going to get great performance through Parallels though, and streaming the game will suffer from some latency.

A small green creature with blue hair running, carrying an AK-47 through snowy trees.
Try to install Palworld natively on Mac and this little guy is coming for you. Image via Pocketpair

How to play Palworld on Mac


Parallels is a program that allows you to run Windows on a virtual desktop. This is handy if there is something you need, or want in the case of Palworld, to open on your Mac which is not available.

Parallels require installation from the app’s website, but you will have to pay $90 a year for the privilege. This is an expensive option, but it’s possible.


Your other option is to use Steam Remote Play. Unfortunately, this only works if you have a Windows PC with the game installed, and that PC will need to be on whenever you want to play.

It’s a good option if you just want to play it in a different room of the house, or if you’re away from home and your PC is on. If your Mac is your only platform though, you’ll be snookered on that front.

Is Palworld coming to Mac?

Unfortunately, there are no plans for Palworld to come to MacOS at this time. We’ll be sure to update this article if we hear any new information.

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