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The recent Valentine’s Day release of the Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch surprised many fans across all playable platforms and consoles. It is playable via a standalone website,, to anyone who can hop on the site. But can you play Loverwatch on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox?

Loverwatch is a true dating sim, but not on consoles

For now, Loverwatch is only available on PC.

When it comes to this game’s surprise drop for Season 3 of Overwatch 2, fans weren’t expecting something outside of Overwatch 2. Almost every event since the original Overwatch release ties into the game, with a new game mode or ruleset around it.

Loverwatch marks a departure from that, as a quick in-browser dating sim game. There are a lot of details behind a simple dating sim game, but the game is only playable in-browser. Overwatch players who use consoles will have to hop on a computer to play Loverwatch and get its rewards. It’s also not available on mobile.

It can be played on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It works better on some browsers than others. For example, if you run a lot of extensions or tabs on Chrome, it can lag a decent amount. This is where you can pull out Microsoft Edge or Firefox to play this unique addition to the Overwatch franchise.

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