Can you holster your wand in Hogwarts Legacy?
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In the Wizarding World, all witches and wizards have to defend themselves is their wand and their knowledge of magic. Most of the time, it’s unwise to not have your wand at the ready, especially in Hogwarts Legacy. You never know when you may need to use Accio to bring down a flying Field Guide page or cast a quick Leviosa spell on an enemy. However, when players are simply wandering the castle grounds or trying to complete puzzles, they might not necessarily want their wand out in one hand.

Those players might want to holster their wand at some points, but at first glance, there is no available option to do this in Hogwarts Legacy. While there is no keybind to holster your wand, there actually is a way to put your wand away. Read below to find out more about this mechanic.

Holster your wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy holster wand
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Luckily, the way to holster your wand requires no action on the part of the player. In Hogwarts Legacy, there is an automatic holstering that’s done when you haven’t used your wand for a period of time. It’s difficult to say exactly what that timeframe is, but you will see your character put their wand away sometime after you’ve performed a spell.

If you want to keep your wand out indefinitely, simply keep bringing up the spell tree by pressing the required keybind. However, if you want to ensure your wand is holstered, just don’t use any spells and your character will naturally do it for you.

Aside from that, there is no way for you to manually put your wand away in Hogwarts Legacy. You just have to let the game do it automatically and keep on exploring as you normally would.

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