Can you give Kelvin weapons in Sons of the Forest?
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In Sons of the Forest, players have access to an NPC named Kelvin, who is the only other survivor of the plane crash that left you and him stranded on the mutant-infested island the game takes place on. Kelvin is both deaf and mute, meaning that he can only use non-verbal communication to try and aid you as you fight for survival. While Kelvin can be somewhat helpful when trying to build a shelter or complete missions, he is absolutely worthless in a fight. This is because, at the start of Sons of the Forest, Kelvin has no access to weapons of any kind.

As a result, when you’re in a heated battle with some mutants, Kelvin will stand idly by and watch as you either emerge victorious or die a painful death. Given that Kelvin is present in Sons of the Forest and seems like he could help out by fighting mutants with you, players have wondered if they are able to give Kelvin any sort of weapon.

Giving Kelvin weapons in Sons of the Forest

Kelvin in Sons of the Forest
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Unfortunately, despite it appearing like you’re able to, you cannot give Kelvin any weapons in Sons of the Forest. It’s unclear if this is a long-term plan by the developers or if this is a missing feature from the game’s Early Access period. Many fans are hoping that the latter is true, and that the developers will add the ability to arm Kelvin as Sons of the Forest progresses through Early Access.

As of right now, though, the only combat prowess that Kelvin possesses is the ability to alert you to oncoming enemies. This means Kelvin can be a lookout of sorts, but beyond that, you’re on your own when it comes to combat.

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