Can you change the difficulty level in Skull and Bones?
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From the opening sequence of Skull and Bones, you are immediately tasked with commanding your own ship and defeating a fleet of ships. This is challenging no matter how strong of a pirate you think you are, and it has led many players to ask if they can change the difficulty level in Skull and Bones.

The first battle sequence, in particular, has had many players asking this question. Of course, with how many ships you are supposed to defeat and for story purposes, that fight is unwinnable. Still, ship combat is no easy matter in Skull and Bones, and you might want to tone down the difficulty at some point during your journey.

You can see whether or not this is possible in the guide below.

Changing the difficulty level in Skull and Bones

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Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to alter the difficulty level at any point in Skull and Bones. Since the game is online all of the time, changing the difficulty would mean every other player on your server is put at a disadvantage since they have to encounter stronger enemies. With online multiplayer games like Skull and Bones, the difficulty curve needs to stay the same for all players to create an equal playing field.

As such, if you’re struggling with the combat in Skull and Bones, your only option is to practice and improve at it. I recommend taking on a single enemy ship at a time, learning how your cannons work and shoot, and how to successfully navigate the perils of combat. For example, you need to learn how to brace for impact, which massively reduces any incoming damage from enemy ships, both through ramming and cannon shots.

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It’s possible that in the future Skull and Bones will introduce a single-player, offline mode that would allow for the difficulty level to be changed at any time. However, as long as Skull and Bones stays an online-only game, you’ll be stuck with the same challenge as every other player on your server.

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