Call of Duty League reportedly set to implement pre-made classes for matches
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The Call of Duty League could be changing up the professional scene in a way we’ve never seen before.

According to amateur CDL player Lewis “LewTee” Todd, there are talks of the CDL implementing pre-made classes for players to choose from. These classes would include a variety of weapons, perks, and equipment. However, none of the items in the classes would be considered “overpowered” by pros and league officials. The items that are deemed overpowered are already under a gentlemen’s agreement by players, which essentially means pros agree to not use them. The rumored pre-made classes would eliminate the need for pros to restrict certain weapons and items.

Pre-made classes reportedly coming to the Call of Duty League

In recent years, the gentlemen’s agreement list has grown larger and larger. Pro players are calling more and more votes and it’s apparently gotten the attention of the CDL. The league could implement pre-made classes to stop any future restrictions made by players, according to LewTee.

The custom classes could work as they do in regular CoD. The CDL and pro players would agree on five to ten custom classes and then that’s what available to choose from for matches. To make sure the list of restrictions remain under control, the classes would only include approved weapons and other items.

While not official, the rumor was circulated further by COD Gamepedia. They said the custom classes were planned some time ago but were waiting on further news.

If done correctly, this could be a positive addition to professional CoD. There wouldn’t be a need for future restrictions made by players and fans could copy these classes for their own use.

We’ll make sure to update you with any further developments to this story here at Daily Esports.

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