Call of Duty 2020 'The Red Door' listing secretly named 'Black Ops CIA'
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The mystery behind Call of Duty’s Red Door has grown since its first sighting back in June. Presumably the application for the Call of Duty 2020 alpha, The Red Door has been seen on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Store. Both stores have a “Redeem Code” option for the application and download size, but of course, the application can’t be downloaded. Unless—it can? A member of the community has seemingly found a way to download The Red Door on Xbox Live. This brought them into the application where the name “Black Ops CIA” appears in place of The Red Door.

Is The Red Door opening up to Call of Duty fans?

It seems all but certain that The Red Door is the alpha version for Call of Duty 2020. The download size adds up and it’s no coincidence that it’s made an appearance on both major console game stores.

However, we didn’t know anything past that—up until today. An Xbox user actually managed to download The Red Door application on the Xbox Store and even found a way to launch the game. Call of Duty leaker @TheGamingRevo3 (TheGamingRevolution) has the screenshots to prove it.

When the user hovers over the application, they can clearly see that the name of the app is “Black Ops CIA”. This supports the theory that the 2020 entry of Call of Duty will be a reboot of the Black Ops sub-franchise. However, the “CIA” at the end of the name is a new twist. While this could be the entry’s title, there is no way of knowing at this time.

Beyond the name leak, this new snag in the Call of Duty 2020 saga doesn’t give us much new information. When the user launches the application, they can’t get past the “Call of Duty Black Ops” title screen. Still, this could signal that a reveal or even a beta could be on the way within the coming weeks.

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