Call of Duty 2020 features leaked for multiplayer and Warzone
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A huge information bomb has dropped concerning Call of Duty 2020, which is presumed to be named “Black Ops.” Prominent YouTuber XclusiveAce released a video yesterday that leaked a plethora of details. However, this video was quickly struck down by Activision, presumably because the information was accurate. While the video is no longer up, thousands of people got the chance to watch it in full. Today, we’ll be going over what XclusiveAce said concerning Call of Duty 2020 multiplayer and Warzone battle royale.

New details for Call of Duty 2020 emerge

In the past, XclusiveAce has been a reliable source for Call of Duty content. Whether it’s weapon breakdowns or exclusive videos about future DLC, this YouTuber has been on Activision’s good side for the most part.

However, this may no longer be true after Ace received info regarding this year’s COD title. According to him, an anonymous leaker contacted him and divulged a slew of information about this year’s multiplayer and future Warzone content.

Call of Duty 2020
Leaked artwork for the 2020 title

We can’t confirm any of these details, but since Activision removed XclusiveAce’s video, we can surmise most of it is accurate. Here’s a full list of the features that the video went over for Call of Duty 2020:

  • Current codename for 2020 title: “Zeus”
  • Releasing in October or November
  • Game set in Cold War era
  • Overall state of the game in good place
  • Multiplayer is mostly done, Campaign is done with exception of animations
  • Traditional mini-map is returning (No Fog of War, Red Dots on map, etc.)
  • No Tactical Sprint, unlimited sprint
  • No leaning/mounting
  • Swinging doors from Modern Warfare not in multiplayer
  • Swimming mechanic in multiplayer
  • No specialists, Field Upgrades making a comeback
  • 150 Health, not 100 (Auto-heal)
  • Scorestreaks, not killstreaks
  • 6v6 multiplayer
  • No Dead Silence at this current time
  • Create-A-Class a hybrid between Pick-10 and standard, no Gunsmith

This is a ton of information that could easily be inaccurate. However, it’s reasonable to venture that at least some of the above bullet points will be in multiplayer. The leak stated nothing about skill-based matchmaking or a competitive mode though, which is concerning to many fans.

Warzone in 2020

Call of Duty Warzone 2020
Image via Activision

Along with details about multiplayer, XclusiveAce also went into what we can expect from Warzone in 2020. Apparently, the battle royale is linked with Call of Duty beyond Modern Warfare and will receive new updates when the 2020 title launches. Here are a few leaks that originated from XclusiveAce’s video:

  • New map with new locations
  • Map will have a lake with the new swimming mechanics
  • Map is set somewhere in Russia with the following locations: Chemical Labs, Lake, Snow area, Swamps, Radar Stations, Battery, Mines

As of right now, that’s all of the information we have regarding Call of Duty 2020 and Warzone. If XclusiveAce’s source is correct, then fans should be pretty thrilled about this year’s title. All that’s left now is to wait for an official reveal.

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