CadiaN opens up about FunPlus Phoenix CSGO / Flashpoint drama
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Casper “cadiaN” Møller, professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) player for FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), commented on the tumultuous status of his team. Sunday, March 22 brought confirmation of Astralis signing Patrick “es3tag” Hansen, member of FPX, to complete a six-man roster. Es3tag’s transition to Astralis marks the Danish team’s first lineup change since the signing of Emil “Magisk” Reif in February 2018.

Reports of the roster changes stirred controversy this weekend, as the team’s Flashpoint matches were in jeopardy of being canceled. It was confirmed that es3tag is joining Astralis on June 30 when his contract expires with FPX. As a result, FPX forfeited their most recent match against Orgless. Orgless advances to Group C’s lower bracket, matching up against Dignitas. The two teams will compete for a spot in the group final. FPX’s forfeit knocks the team out of the running for Phase 1. They’ll have to hit the ground running entering into Phase 2 if they intend to make playoffs.

“I am so gutted, honestly.”

CadiaN took to Twitter in a video speaking openly about his disappointment regarding his team’s situation. He confirmed that FunPlus Phoenix are not competing in the first phase of Flashpoint and may not be participating in the tournament at all. He emphasized the former Heroic roster struggled the past few months to regain their footing and work through the transition to FPX. Furthermore, he notes that he and his teammates worked relentlessly to earn a spot in one of the franchise leagues. To compete in Flashpoint, the team forfeited their spot in ESL Pro League and traveled “through a global pandemic” to only be denied the opportunity to compete. CadiaN states that he doesn’t think he’s “ever been mistreated this way” in his life.

In a series of replies, cadiaN clarified es3tag accepting Astralis’ offer garnered no ill-feeling from the team. He assures FPX respect and support their teammate’s decision. Furthermore, he states that Flashpoint has mistreated him worse than any organization in CSGO.

Moving forward, it’s difficult to say whether cadiaN’s statements about the team no longer participating in the tournament are true. There’s been no official word from the organization regarding the future of the roster. Phase 2 starts on March 27, and there are no reports on a new fifth man for FunPlus Phoenix.

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