British Esports Association supports College of Esports business degrees
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The British Esports Association announced an exclusive partnership with the College of Esports. The partnership will involve supporting esports business degrees at the postsecondary institution.

“Our partnership will create the UK hub of esports business and provide additional legacy to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as job creation and community support in the boroughs that we engage,” Philip Wilson, College of Esports professor, co-founder and chair, said.

Wilson also noted that the partnership will utilize the British Esports Association’s expertise as a central pillar to the school’s approach to the esports industry.

Business esports degree

The foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education will be delivered to students in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Students will begin the esports degree in the 2022/2023 academic year, starting next fall.

According to the announcement, the British Esports Association helped produce part of the degree. Although the non-profit organization will not be teaching the courses, it provided the College of Esports guidance and made the programs industry-ready.

“A College Advisory Board populated by leading figures will provide guidance to the college and will be announced in due-course,” the announcement revealed.

The esports student experience

As for the student experience, it will feature traditional academic subjects. However, they will be taught through an industry-focused lens. There will be main degree courses and two additional curricula to prepare each student for an esports career.

Since the College of Esports is a boutique postsecondary institution, spots will be limited. This will ensure that each student gets the most out of their studies and experiences.

In terms of the courses, they will give students a holistic understanding of business on macro and micro levels. They will cover player, talent and event management, sponsorships, marketing, logistics, the business of international esports and more. There will also be a business incubation unit to help students turn their ideas into businesses.

British Esports Association supports higher education programs with College of Esports partnership
Logos for the British Esports Association and the College of Esports. | Provided by the British Esports Association

“We’re delighted to have signed this exclusive university-level partnership with the College of Esports to help deliver esports business degrees and ensure a bright future for our exciting industry,” Andy Payne OBE, the British Esports Association chair, said.

He added that esports offers exciting career opportunities. The subject also gives people transferable skills that can be applied to other roles and industries.

Interested students can register for the 2022 intake via the College of Esports website.

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