Brieuc Seeger, LEC Wooloo, joins Upcomer as League of Legends insider
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Upcomer announced Saturday that Brieuc Seeger, otherwise known as LEC Wooloo, will join the organization as a League of Legends insider. Seeger said he hopes to use this opportunity to hone his reporting skills and put a face and name behind his breaking news and coverage of the League of Legends scene going forward.

As part of the signing, Seeger has agreed to focus on confirmed reporting as a rule in addition to attaching his name and face to his coverage. He will hold himself up to the Upcomer ethics guidelines set by the Poynter Institute and report directly to editor-in-chief Sean Morrison while receiving guidance on journalism standards and practices.

“Brieuc has spent the last year transitioning from someone focused on rumors to a person who respects the trust his followers and the League of Legends community put in his information,” Morrison said. “We want to give him a place to grow into the journalist he wants to be, and along with Alejandro Gomis, we expect Upcomer to become the premier destination for League of Legends news this offseason and beyond.

“We had multiple meetings with the whole of the Upcomer League of Legends staff, as well as Brieuc, to make sure we were comfortable with this decision, and in the end we saw an opportunity to help a person with great connections to a passionate fan base become a great storyteller and investigative reporter. He’s grown as a person and information-gatherer in the past year and a half, and we look forward to helping him continue to do so.”

Brieuc Seeger, otherwise known as LEC Wooloo | Provided by Brieuc Seeger

Seeger’s tenure with Upcomer begins two days before League of Legends free agency officially opens. He will work alongside Gomis and Upcomer editor-at-large Tyler Erzberger to create the No. 1 destination for offseason updates before and after the free agency period opens at 8 p.m. ET on Nov. 15.

“As LEC Wooloo, I have become a big name in terms of providing exclusive information regarding transfer news and other behind-the-scenes information. Because of that a lot of people put trust in me,” Seeger said. “I’ve decided to finally take it to the next step and will put a name behind my reports in order to be more responsible and make sure to be worthy of that trust. I have decided to do this with the help of Upcomer.

“I am looking forward to working with my friend Alejandro and everyone working there. I will continue to provide valuable information while learning everything you would expect from a great reporter. I would like to thank Upcomer for this opportunity and everyone that has supported me with this transition.”