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Super Smash Bros. Brawl has wrapped up at Super Smash Con 2022 and the Brawl grand finals match was one of the most memorable moments of the third day of the event.

177 people entered the stacked Brawl tournament, but only two Meta Knights made it to the grand final match on Saturday, August 13. Meta Knight is a character everyone dreads going up against in Brawl, but there’s no denying that watching Meta Knight in a Brawl match can be quite entertaining when the player is aggressive. The two Meta Knights in the grand final, however, were playing a bit campy.

Cody climbed up the losers bracket to face 686M, hoping to win the first best of five, get a reset, and take the title. The two were evenly matched — maybe a little too even. Throughout the match, both Meta Knights were going hit for hit; the match was a bit nerve-wracking but the constant back-and forth was also dragging it out.

One of the closest matches in Super Smash Bros. Brawl history

During the last game, the two players were so evenly matched and cautious that the countdown was ending. At 10 seconds, both Meta Knights had just one stock left and both had over 120% damage. But Cody had a bit lower percent, meaning he would win if the timer ran out. Then 686M grabbed Cody, bringing him to 148% while he was at 145%. This put 686M in the lead.

In an attempt to stay at a lower percent, 686M started dancing around the ledge. Determined, Cody chased him down, forcing 686M to drop off the stage and hide underneath. Cody jumped down after him. In an attempt to get Cody away from him, 686M did his tornado to further damage him to 149% and get him away. But Cody miraculously got a hit in, bringing 686M to 148%.

Of course, it wasn’t enough — Cody lost by an astonishing 1% of damage.

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When this happens in Brawl, the two players are automatically put into Sudden Death mode. In professional tournaments, however, the Sudden Death isn’t played out. The winner is determined by the percents, meaning 686M ended up winning by 1%.

The crazy close moment had the Smash community torn. While it was most definitely a wild outcome that doesn’t happen too often, especially in majors, many found the match to be a bit slow. Others commented how much they hate Meta Knight. Still, others said that the moment was “based.” No matter if you agree that it was dragged out or hyped, there’s no denying that this was a special moment in Smash history.