Boston Uprising Homestand Weekends tickets now available
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The Overwatch League team Boston Uprising has announced that tickets for their Homestand Weekends are now available on Ticketmaster. Homestand Weekends will take place in Boston in April and June.

Boston Uprising Ticket sales are live

The Weekend Homestands will take place at the Citizens Bank Opera House in Boston on April 25-26 and June 27-28. Each ticket is $40 regardless of seating and will be first come, first served. The tickets are available for purchases of up to eight at a time on Ticketmaster.

Homestand Weekends begin in 2020

The Weekend Homestands are new to the Overwatch League in 2020 and will give teams an opportunity to play in their home cities, similar to how teams compete in traditional sports. This will make it easier for local audiences to see their home teams play live at events.

After a strong inaugural season, the Boston Uprising struggled last year. They did make some significant changes over the offseason, however, and will look to get things back on track in 2020. Homestand Weekends could be a great way for them to showcase their new lineup to their fans.

It will be interesting to see if Homestand Weekends will make a difference in 2020. In traditional sports, having the home-field advantage is a big deal. Other esports have not done anything like this yet, so it will be cool to analyze if the home team generally performs better in front of its fans.

Other Overwatch League teams have announced their homestand venues and will likely announce ticket sales soon as well. Be sure to stay up to date to see when the ticket sales go live and get the dates and locations.