Blizzcon officially rescheduled for online February 2021 event
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After initially being canceling Blizzcon in 2020 due to COVID-19, Activision Blizzard announced today that their annual convention will take place on February 19 and 20, 2021. The convention will be entirely online and named “BlizzConline.”

Possible Blizzcon 2021 announcements

Last year at Blizzcon, Blizzard teased at some big games, most notably Overwatch 2. Since then, there hasn’t been much of anything other than potential leaks and hearsay about the new title. It seems extremely likely that BlizzConline is when we will hear more.

This would also be an excellent time to reveal next year’s plan for Hearthstone. The game works on an annual schedule, with standard cards rotating in and out each year. The year generally ends for the game sometime in April, so late February would be a good time to start building hype around the future of the game.


As with every year, there will be a handful of events that fans can take part in. The Community Showcase offers fans a chance to show off their creativity and their love for Blizzard games. Blizzard will feature the winners of these contests at Blizzcon. Here are the contests fans can compete in:

  • Cosplay Exhibition: A chance for casual cosplayers to showcase their best cosplays of Blizzard characters.
  • Cosplay Contest: A competition for who creates the best cosplay character, weapon, modern creation, and traditional creation.
  • Art Contest: A competition to make the best work of art featuring something related to a Blizzard game.
  • Digital Storytelling Contest: A competition to see who can make the best original story based on a Blizzard universe.
  • Talent Spotlight: Create a video showcasing a talent you or someone you know possesses that you can relate to a Blizzard game.
  • March of the Murlocs: Create a photo or video of you or someone you know dressing and marching like a Murloc.

You must enter the contest by January 4, 2021, and if you win, you will be eligible for prizes.

Be sure to stay tuned, as we will surely hear more about Blizzcon in the coming months.