Black Ops Cold War open beta time to kill unchanged from the alpha
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Among the myriad of complaints regarding the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Open Beta, the time to kill (TTK) is at the forefront. Players are accusing Treyarch of decreasing the overall TTK from the Alpha test in September. The beta build does seem to feature weapons that kill a little bit quicker, but this is merely a placebo effect. According to the hard data, the weapons are doing the same overall damage to players. This means the TTK in the Open Beta is the same as it was in the Alpha.

Time to kill unchanged in Black Ops Cold War

From the very first day of the open beta, players felt a quicker TTK from the alpha. Bullets simply seemed to put down enemies faster and players also felt they were being killed extremely quickly. The consensus was the alpha had a great TTK so when players thought Treyarch changed this aspect, they complained heavily.

However, according to the data and the word of Call of Duty YouTuber XclusiveAce, the time to kill is unchanged. The alpha and open beta feature the same values when it comes to this mechanic. You can view XclusiveAce’s thoughts on the subject in his most recent video shown below.

Essentially, XclusiveAce comes right out and says the Black Ops Cold War beta doesn’t feature a faster TTK. However, he admits it does feel like bullets are doing more damage across the board. While uncertain, he attributes this sensation to the constant lag and connection interruptions within the beta.

We discussed this issue in a previous article, but basically, the lag is pretty substantial in the open beta. Treyarch has stated its working on a fix but for now, players will simply have to live with some connection problems.

Since every player is experiencing different connections, it might feel like you’re being killed far quicker than you were in the alpha. This is a common phenomenon in other multiplayer titles and a bit of a staple in Treyarch games. However, with a fix hopefully on the way, this won’t be an issue for much longer.

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