Black Ops Cold War leak details how the Warzone map will transition
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The flood gates have been opened wide for leaks regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Various leaking accounts were able to obtain massive amounts of information on the new title. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence this is happening one day before the world reveal. So fans should expect more leaks to surface within the coming days and weeks. However, in terms of what’s come out today, we’ve heard a slew of details about Black Ops Cold War itself. Although, some information has arisen about Warzone‘s involvement in the next entry.

Warzone in Black Ops Cold War

It’s been confirmed by publisher Activision that Warzone will transition to the new game. Since Warzone is a standalone title, it’s free to move from game to game every year, meaning it’s likely the last battle royale Call of Duty will produce.

However, fans have been curious about how the map and gameplay elements will transition to Black Ops Cold War. After all, the title was made for Modern Warfare and designed around its locations and weapons. Well, while nothing is official on this front, a leak has surfaced that answers some of these questions.

The leaks about the Warzone map come from TheGamingRevolution. He was one of the first major Call of Duty leakers and is usually correct with his information. According to him, Verdansk will still be the setting for Warzone but it will look a little different.

Apparently, the map was destroyed during the Cold War itself and what we see today is the result of a rebuild. However, in Black Ops Cold War, the map will see major changes to reflect the time period. The only familiar aspects to players will be the Gulag and secret bunkers. We’ll have to wait a little longer for Activision to confirm these leaks and divulge a little more information on Warzone’s future.

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