New ships unleashed plus Black Friday deals in World of Warships
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If you are a dedicated World of Warships player and want to get your hands on some good ships, you may want to wait until Black Friday. A bevy of great deals on ships and bundles was just announced today and will give you that competitive edge you need when it comes to PvP action. Beginning on Nov. 23, players will see discounts ranging from 30-50% off for premium ships, port slots, and consumables. You can also check out their sweet Black Friday trailer below.

Wargaming has also reduced the cost for training ship crews. This of course makes it easier for players to get them “ship shape” for battle. All of these deals won’t last long however and end on Nov. 30.

Enhancing The Experience and Updates

Besides the deals, Wargaming is adding a special series of in-game Combat Missions featuring the opportunity to earn Black Friday containers. Inside these containers, players could get all-black camo patterns for ships, extra days of Premium playtime for earning XP and currency faster, premium ships, etc. They are really doing a lot to not only thank their huge fan base but entice them into their Black Friday deals. Today they also released Update 0.7.11 for World of Warships. With that came a few changes and fixes. This includes damage model updates and if you happen to be a Destroyer Captain you will find your ship much more durable during battle. The map has also been updated, making maneuvering much easier and enhancing your line of sight.

Interestingly enough their in-game Halloween event is going to continue right through Black Friday weekend. They have also added PvP, allowing players to battle it out on spooky themed battlefields. The Royal Navy event also remains ongoing. Players will find additional British ships and camos.

There is a ton to check out this Black Friday in World of Warships all weekend and week long and you won’t want to miss out. For more information, head on here. Be sure to take advantage of all these virtual deals while they last since the next time we will see sales like this won’t be till after Christmas.