Bjergsen re-signs contract with TSM, revealed in heartfelt (troll) video
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What a week it has been for League of Legends. We’re keeping everyone updated on the world championship, the Team Liquid prank video, and the 10th anniversary celebration. To add to the hype, North American team Team Solo Mid (TSM) uploaded a touching video today on YouTube. Fans clicked and watched these dark scenes narrated by current TSM mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg. The initial vibe it gave off was that of a farewell message — but it was all trolling.

TSM surprising their fans

As Bjergson starts opening his suitcase, he slowly packs away his keyboard, a vulgar gnome figure, his computer, and a photo of his team. The camera then pans out to their computer-filled room with Dr. Pepper signs all over their walls. “It’s been a good five years. I think this is the only decision I could make… It’s been a long journey on TSM, so why would I stop it now?”

This is the line that shook plenty of fans, as intense flashbacks followed. We watched their best moments from the past, including their various victories as League of Legends North American champions.

What else do we know?

Throughout the rest of the video, Bjergsen explains that he has decided to extend his contract with TSM for the next two years. This decision makes him the longest-tenured player in TSM’s history. He had also decided to sign as part-owner of TSM.  His relationship with TSM coach Andy “Reginald” Dinh became a big factor as to why he re-signed. He explains they are “kind of always being on the same page and having really similar goals.” 

Reginald is known as one of the first player-owners of League of Legends and has previously played as TSM’s mid-laner. It’s no surprise that Bjergsen showed off their close relationship, as they both have similar visions for the future of TSM.

In a Washington Post interviewBjergsen opened up about his decision to stay with TSM and his hopes for the team: “TSM and I share the same values such as approach to the competitive excellence and commitment to learning and growth. There were so many reasons that ultimately the decision to stay was an easy one.”

TSM took it to Twitter to troll their fans right before this announcement, giving a dramatic thanks to Bjergsen. Fans contemplated the reasons behind their tweet and didn’t expect this video to drop.

After a shocking reverse sweep against Clutch Gaming for a spot in the 2019 World Championship, It’s safe to say Bjergsen is aiming to keep TSM going strong for many years to come.