Bitkraft Esports Ventures welcomes former Goldman Sachs VP to the team
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Moritz Baier-Lentz, a former VP of Goldman Sachs, has announced his new role with Bitkraft Esports Ventures. Originally posted on LinkedIn, the announcement has many people interested in what this means for the company and their future investments.

Previously the VP of Gaming and Esports at Goldman Sachs, Baier-Lentz was a top-ranking professional with experience in finance, technology, and gaming. He’s worked on three of the four biggest technology deals in history and has an impressive background of success. During his time at Goldman Sachs, he advised on many acquisitions, public offerings, and mergers across the gaming industry. Bitkraft saw how experienced he was in making strategic decisions, so they offered him a job.

New responsibilities

Starting today, Baier-Lentz is now an official partner to Bitkraft. Additionally, he has his new job description posted on LinkedIn: “Helping extraordinary founders in digital entertainment, gaming, and esports reach their “next level” through early, candid partnerships and unparalleled domain expertise.” He will now expand the company’s assets and investments out of his New York office.

The founding partner of Bitkraft, Jens Hilgers, also shared the announcement on his social media pages. “Super proud to welcome Moritz Baier-Lentz to the Bitkraft Esports Ventures team. Massive boost to our resources and ambition!” The team of six professionals is more than happy to welcome the seventh member.

Baier-Lentz and Bitkraft

Besides being a savvy overall business professional, Baier-Lentz once made a living as an esports champion. When he was 16, he reached Rank 1 in Diablo II. On the official Bitkraft website, his profile states he still enjoys playing games. “[He] now also enjoys “analog” sports including Ironman and ultramarathon races.”

Bitkraft Esport Ventures is a leading esports investment fund with various business partners in the industry. Their initial goal is to help discover and support esports startups that plan to grow within the industry. Some companies they have helped fund include Bitfry Game Studios Inc, Koji, Meta Games, Veritas Entertainment, and White Water Games.