Big names react to hero ban leaks in the Overwatch community
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Yesterday, Overwatch streamer “Emongg” hinted that Blizzard was going to drop some big news in the coming weeks. Since that announcement and other leaks, a few prominent members of the community have voiced their thoughts on potential hero bans coming to the game.

What are hero bans?

The idea of banning a hero comes from MOBAs like League of Legends. Before the game begins, each team chooses a hero that no one from either team can play. This allows players to “ban” heroes that they feel are overpowered or that they simply don’t want to play against.

In Overwatch, this would probably work the same. Each team would have an opportunity to ban a hero, or multiple heroes, before the game starts. Any hero banned in this phase would be unplayable for the game.

Reactions to the Overwatch leaks

The community is very split on whether hero bans are a good idea. On the one hand, there aren’t very many heroes in Overwatch, and banning some could severely limit team options. On the other hand, introducing bans could really shake up the long, stale metas that the game often suffers from.

Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin, Finnish Overwatch League player for the Houston Outlaws, believes that the bans could severely hurt certain players but that it would also make the game more fun. Overwatch League commentator Soe Gschwind thinks that there needs to be more heroes in the game for bans to provide strategic depth.

If bans were to be introduced, as the leaks suggest, they would be implemented in both in-game competitive play and in the Overwatch League’s third season. This would be a very big change for both players and fans and would surely force different strategies.

Be sure to stay tuned in the following weeks for more Overwatch leaks and stories. It should prove to be an exciting time for fans of the game.