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One of Dota’s oldest and longest running production studios, BeyondTheSummit, was informed on Wednesday night that they would not produce the upcoming 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). The news was tweeted out by David “LD” Gorman following the decision. In the same tweet, he informed that BeyondTheSummit will most likely not produce any more Dota events moving forward.

BeyondTheSummit will no longer produce Dota events

BeyondTheSummit has been a part of the Dota community for nigh on a decade.

The studio was started in 2012 by LD and David “GoDz” Parker as the first major Dota studio being ran out of North America. Over the years, the studio was responsible for one of the most popular yearly tournaments that Dota ran — The Summit. Teams from all over the world would be invited to a comfortable environment where players were encouraged to cast games and create funny content.

The studio also served as an incubation tank for players and casters alike. With the creation of the BTS Pro Series, several new casters were given opportunities to cast relevant games in a scene that has sorely lacked smaller tournaments. The BTS Pro Series ran in South America, Southeast Asia and North America, not only providing a source of income for many up and coming casters, but also to teams who depended on these smaller tournaments to make a living.

Ever since the start of the DPC, BTS has been responsible for the North American and Southeast Asian DPC broadcasts. This year, they were informed that they were not selected to do any of the leagues next year.

Dota 2 community reacts to BeyondTheSummit

Many casters and community figures have made their sadness apparent on social media. It goes to show how much BeyondTheSummit meant to the Dota community.

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, mid laner for Soniqs, was one of the many players who expressed sadness over Valve’s decision. Maurice “Khezu” Gutmann, a prominent analyst on many of Valve’s broadcasts showed the impact that BeyondTheSummit’s departure could have over the larger Dota scene.

BeyondTheSummit is not just a production studio in Dota, the brand is a part of the game’s culture and has pushed it forward since the beginning. Many of the game’s best sound clips and videos included members of the BeyondTheSummit team.

From the million dollar dream coil to LD’s famous “WHAT WAS THAT” voice line, BeyondTheSummit has contributed a lot to the game’s history, and the loss of the studio marks a sad day in the game’s history.

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