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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have released their first 7-star raid since the game’s release. This new raid allows Pokémon fans to get their hands on a fan favorite — Charizard — if players are able to defeat the mighty beast in a raid battle. With the difficulty at an all-time high, Upcomer is here to show you how to defeat this beast.

Take the strongest Pokémon with you against Charizard

These 7-star raids require the strongest of Pokémon to win against; and even then, there’s still an element of luck involved. The easiest and most straightforward way to defeat the raid is to get a level 100 Pokémon ready with perfected IVs and EVs. While that may sound like I’m speaking a different language, it’s actually easier than ever to get your Pokémon ready for these raids.

The easiest Pokémon to get for this raid is Azumarill. On an island north of Caseroya Lake, players can find an Azumarill with a Fairy-type Tera, which is incredibly important for facing the Dragon-Tera type of Charizard in the 7-star raid. Once players have captured the Pokémon, the Azumarill will need to have Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Double-Edge and Play Rough as its moveset.

If players are willing to go the extra mile, they can also get Belly Drum, which significantly increases Attack at the cost of HP through breeding. Have a Makuhita or Hariyama have Belly Drum while breeding it with an Azumarill and the egg will have Belly Drum.

Once leveled up to 100, players will use an Adamant Mint to get the proper nature and several Proteins and HP Ups to increase Azumarill’s stats accordingly. All of these items can be found in 4 to 6 Star raids; they can also be purchased for a premium at a Chansey Supply. Finally, buy an Ability Shield; this will protect your Pokémon’s abilities from being affected during the battle.

Battle strategy with 4 Azumarills

The most important part of the raids is to use the cheers properly. The cheer can provide Attack or Defense buffs as well as heal all members of the raid, depending on which option is chosen.

Begin the raid with each player using either the defense or attack cheer. Focus on using Play Rough to bring Charizard down to spark the shield, which will be when the big challenge begins. Remember that Charizard comes with Hurricane, which can inflict confusion and Fire Blast, which has a chance to burn. Using a healing cheer after a status effect also removes it, which is very important as Burns reduce the attack stat of the Pokémon by half.

Finding the time to Terastallize is very important, as Charizard will bring out sunny weather in the middle of the raid. This will make fire attacks stronger, and if Pokémon like Azumarill are Terastallized to Fairy-type, they lose their resistance to fire-type moves. Find ample time in between the shield spark and sunny weather to Terastallize.

Keep in mind that this raid does take some luck to complete; running it multiple times may be needed for victory. Stay patient and the Charizard will fall into your hands.


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