Best TFT Kha'Zix Set 6.5 build guide: items, comps and positioning
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Kha’Zix has arrived in Teamfight Tactics set 6.5. In TFT: Neon Nights, Kha’Zix is a four-cost Mutant Assassin, and his Void Assault makes him one of the premier carry champions in the entire game. Through a mix of analysis by Upcomer’s TFT expert and data from API sites like, Upcomer has brought players a Kha’Zix TFT guide that goes over what the best Kha’Zix items, comps and positioning looks like.

Item Build

Kha’Zix loves damage and ways to stay alive. Crazy concept. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

When it comes to best-in-slot Kha’Zix items, players will want to focus on damage and survivability. Since Kha’Zix has heavy one-shot capabilities and is an Assassin, the combo of Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge are the best two items players can put onto Kha’Zix. As for the third-best, players are leaning towards Edge of Night. This item pretty much guarantees for him to pop off and go for resets. Keeping Kha’Zix safe enough to land resets is key, so RapidFire Cannon and Quicksilver are also fantastic items to build on Kha’Zix.


Kha'Zix TFT
Kha’Zix can literally be placed anywhere on the board. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Since Kha’Zix is an Assassin, it doesn’t matter where players place him onto the board. The main things to keep in mind when positioning a Kha’Zix is to make sure he can jump to the side where he can quickly take down an enemy carry and also the side where he is less likely to get crowd controlled or targeted. Other things to note are the placement of Socialite hexes as well as enemy Zephyrs and Shroud of Stillness.

Top Comp for Kha’Zix in TFT: Neon Nights

Kha'Zix TFT
Going deep into the Mutant tree is best for Kha’Zix in the current meta. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Kha’Zix excels in Mutant-focused comps as well as Assassin-focused comps. Although he is typically not seen as the main carry in either comp right now, under the right circumstances he can be a difference-maker. Mutant is probably the best comp for Kha’Zix. That is because he can greatly benefit from the various Mutant traits, most notably the one that executes champions below a certain HP threshold. In that comp, Kha’Zix is also given an amazing supporting cast.

ASU alum with a B.A in Sports Journalism, Warren is one of the premier TFT Journalists in the scene and is a decent TFT player as well who has peaked Challenger and has had multiple accounts in Master+ over all sets. Warren also specializes in other esports content including League of Legends, Valorant, Smash Bros, and more.