The best Overkill loadout options in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4
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With so many changes recently in Warzone, sometimes it’s tough to pick between two loadout weapons. Thankfully, the Overkill perk allows players to equip an extra primary weapon, instead of a secondary. Overkill has been one of the most popular perks since Warzone launched and is the center of many preferred loadouts.

In Season 4 Reloaded, the meta is completely up in the air at the minute. Although some fans have their pick for the best assault rifle or SMG, there’s a huge variety of guns in regular use. If players want to try out multiple weapons, the best course of action is to use the Overkill perk. The question beyond that is what two guns should players equip for the best chances of success in Warzone?

Best Overkill loadout in Warzone

This specific loadout has been tinkered with countless times throughout Warzone’s life cycle. A solid amount of players run Overkill but have some trouble picking the two weapons they want to use. The common choices come down to an AR and either an SMG, or a sniper.

For more aggressive players, the SMG is the clear-cut choice. However, players who like to hang a little further back tend to lean toward the sniper. One of the most popular sniper options is the Kar98k, but some enjoy using long-range beasts like the HDR or Tundra.

Season 4 is a more aggressive season, though. This makes our preferred Overkill loadout feature an AR and an SMG instead of the sniper. According to the community, and streamers like Nickmercs, the best Overkill loadout for success in Season 4 contains these two weapons:

  • C58
  • Mac-10

The C58 is arguably the best AR in Warzone and the same can be said for the Mac-10 on the SMG side. The C58’s steady power and reliability match perfectly with the Mac-10’s blistering fire rate. Players can reign down fire at medium-long range with the C58, then deal huge damage up close with the Mac-10. It’s the perfect combination in Season 4 of Warzone.

If you go with these two weapons using the perk, we have attachment guides for both the C58 and the Mac-10, building out a solid Overkill loadout in Warzone.

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