Best Nature for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Natures are sort of like a Pokémon’s personality. But it’s more than just for show. A Pokémon’s nature also works as a bane/boon system. Every nature gives a Pokémon a stat boost while also giving the same Pokémon a nerf in a different stat. If players want to min-max their Pokémon, the right nature is critical. And the first Pokémon players get in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is their starter Pokémon. Having the right nature on the starter Pokémon is vital for optimal progression. With that said, here is the best nature for the water-type starter, Quaxly and its evolutions Quaxwell and Quaquaval in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Jolly or Adamant

Quaquaval’s base stats. | Credit to Bulbapedia.

The neat thing about Pokémon is that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Players that want to play the game casually can go through the region, play through the story, catch their favorite Pokémon and have a good time. But for players wanting to use Pokémon as a competitive outlet, there is a ton of depth in the game when it comes to its battling system. Out of all the things players can do to gain an advantage over their opponents, one of them is making sure they have the right nature on their Pokémon.

The Quaxly line excels in the physical attack stat department so boosting that further is going to be the goal here. But it’s also smart to keep in mind that it’s hidden ability, Moxie, also boosts its attack stat on every Pokémon knockout. As a physical attack sweeper, it’s important to max out on the attack stat. There is an argument to actually index into speed since sweepers need to be fast. For players wanting that, they can go with Jolly nature which lowers special attack while raising speed. But with Quaquaval already having moves that boost speed, the best nature is going to be Adamant.

Adamant nature boosts the attack stat while decreasing special attack. And since Quaquaval will likely never run a move that uses special attack, decreasing that stat is hardly a negative.

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