Best meta weapons to use on Ashika Island in DMZ Season 2
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Ashika Island delivers an entirely new experience for Call of Duty DMZ fans. While the gameplay loop is still the same as it would be on Al Mazrah, the new map is much smaller and more action-packed. Players will run into enemies more often, meaning they need an absolutely dominant weapon arsenal if they want to survive on Ashika Island in DMZ.

Luckily, there are a couple of weapons that players can use to ensure they have the best chance at extracting from the island. Of course, players will only be able to spawn in with one of these weapons at a time, so you will have to make a choice before the match starts. You can eventually add another weapon once you’re in the DMZ match, but to start, you will only have a single weapon.

We have a couple of weapons that you should pick when you’re hopping into Ashika Island in DMZ.

Best weapons for DMZ on Ashika Island

Our two weapon picks for Ashika Island in DMZ are the Bryson 800 and the ISO Hemlock. The Bryson 800 shotgun is a perfect choice for the close quarters action that is so prevalent on Ashika Island. While players will obviously be limited in their range, as long as they use the Bryson 800 in buildings and at close range, they will be able to down enemies in just a couple of shots.

For a long range option, we have the ISO Hemlock. This new assault rifle in Season 2 can absolutely dominate any enemy, no matter where they are on the map. Players will need to unlock the ISO Hemlock via the Season 2 Battle Pass before they can use it in DMZ. You can also look at our previous guide on how to unlock the ISO Hemlock in DMZ without having to go through the Battle Pass.

Either way, once players have the Hemlock unlocked, it should be a mainstay in your DMZ matches, along with the Bryson 800.

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