Best Killjoy turret setups for Lotus in VALORANT
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With the recent nerfs to her turret, as well as the newest map in VALORANT, here are some of the best Killjoy turret setups for Lotus. These setups include on attack and defense side, for all sorts of scenarios you can get into in-game.

For an agent like Killjoy, her utility allows her to cover a wide area at once. The turret is one of the best pieces of her kit since it can detect enemies at range and whittle them down if they don’t destroy it. To start, let’s look at the defense-side places you can get the most value out of your turret.

Defense-side turret spots

A site

With her kit, Killjoy can choose to defend any of the three sites on Lotus. So, here is a good default turret spot for defending A site.

A site Killjoy Turret Lotus
A good defense-side turret for A site on Lotus. | Provided by Michael Czar.

This turret is a basic but good one to hold off a rush from the enemy team. It covers the main choke, as well as the small area the enemies could go to door. Plus, since it’s near the right side of the site, you can put this down and position yourself on B site with your other utility if you want. Putting it on the box ensures that enemies have to shoot it down, and the height means that enemies will have a tough time if you or your allies swing off of its contact.

This won’t be the first time we’ll have turrets on boxes for that exact reason.

B site

Next up, B site is a tough site to hold but has a decent turret spot.

B site turret Lotus Killjoy
A B site turret spot on Lotus. | Provided by Michael Czar.

For B site, it’s a lot tougher to attack, with only one thin entrance. This turret not only covers that choke, but you can go to the door to A site or to C site without losing connection to your turret.  Combined with a grenade, this combo can buy time for rotations.

C site

Last but not least, the C site has one really good spot for a turret; a similar spot to the A site.

C site turret Lotus Killjoy
A C site turret spot on Lotus. | Provided by Michael Czar.

This turret on the boxes near the back of the C site provides two uses. First, it covers the choke from an off-angle, but it also will shoot enemies if they push past the site towards either the waterfall area or your spawn. Alongside other utilities, it can force enemies into one corner of the site, making it easier to retake or fight.

Attack-side turret spots

For the attack side on Lotus, there is one Killjoy turret option that is almost always good: covering the flank. When you try and push a site together as a team, placing your turret to cover your back is always a good idea. Use aspects of the map to your advantage, such as height or corners.

Asides from that, the best use for turrets is usually in a post-plant scenario. Here are some of the best turret spots for post-plants on each site.

A site

An A site post-plant turret spot on Lotus. | Provided by Michael Czar.

This turret spot is great because it covers two of the potential four entrances onto A site. It covers tree and A main, leaving the high ground as the only uncovered spot. Plus, if you plant near the box, the turret needs to be killed, guaranteeing a swing from your enemy.

B site

For B-site, there isn’t a set best place to put your turret. This is because B site has the most entrances and your defense entirely relies on which areas you hold. All you’ll have to keep in mind is that Killjoy’s turret gets the most use if it can hold either one or two chokes, so choose wisely.

C site

To end this Killjoy turret guide off, the C site post-plant turret can be the exact same as the defensive position on Lotus, if you can get control of site. But, another good idea is a turret that can cover flank as well.

A flank-covering C site turret on Lotus. | Provided by Michael Czar.

This turret covers C main, which is a flank in a post-plant scenario, alongside the door from B site.

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