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As FIFA 19 is well and truly underway, most players have either started their Ultimate Team campaigns through gameplay or through the web app for some users. This means that hidden gems have already been discovered. One of the most notorious leagues for these kinds of players is the Premier League. In this article, we will be discussing the best, or most over-powered, players in each position for your starter squads.

As mentioned in a previous article, where we discussed some players that might be good for your Premier League squads, the top English division is diverse and features a plethora of playing styles and abilities. This is why the Premier League is the most popular league when it comes to making a starter squad in FIFA Ultimate Team. In addition to choosing the best players by role, I will be selecting players in a 4-3-3 formation, which is also one of the most popular formations in the Ultimate Team mode. This means that we can cover all positions from attacking to defensive, to end up with a great starter squad for any player.


Jordan Pickford

Being England’s number 1 goalkeeper is a huge title to obtain, and to hold. Jordan Pickford impressed at the 2018 World Cup, helping England to the semi-finals. This warranted an upgrade for Pickford. He is now 83-rated with great statistics across the board. I personally use him in my Ultimate Team and after almost 30 games, he has performed magnificently. Finally, 3,000 coins is a steal for such a great goalkeeper. You can also put a chemistry style on him for some enhanced statistics. However, I keep a basic chemistry style on him which boosts all of his statistics slightly.


DeAndre Yedlin

It is often strange for most football fans to see an American player making it big in the Premier League. However, DeAndre Yedlin is one of the most over-powered-looking wing-backs in the league. With a blistering 93-pace, he can beat most attackers in a foot race which is very helpful when he is your last line of defense. However, you will most likely have to add a defensive chemistry style to him. This is due to his low defending statistic, at 71. You could add a ‘shadow’ chemistry style which boosts his pace and defending, which would certainly make Yedlin a feared item for any opposition.


Antonio Rudiger

After impressing in Rome as a youngster, Antonio Rudiger managed to secure a transfer to Premier League giants, Chelsea. This means that his statistics such as high pace, high physicality and height were transferred to every Premier League team in FIFA 19. Along with this, he is easy to put into most squads. He can be used to link German or Bundesliga players into your squad whilst keeping the familiar Premier League players in the team, too.

Nathan Ake

When playing with the 4-3-3 formation, you need two center-backs. This means that we can choose one of the most overpowered defenders in the game, Nathan Ake. Being another youngster at Chelsea, he was one of the many players who doesn’t quite make it into their starting 11. This meant that the Dutch defender got a transfer to Bournemouth.  Since joining Bournemouth, he has impressed as one of their main defenders. In FIFA 19, he has a lot of pace at 74, with decent defensive and physical statistics. He is a great player to add to your squad because of his 3,000-coin price tag, too.


Patrick van Aanholt

Similarly to Yedlin, van Aanholt is a player who is mostly used due to the high pace. The ideal wing-back has a lot of pace and a moderate amount of defensive ability. If the person controlling the players is good at defending in FIFA 19, they will most likely be able to make a tackle with most players, so the pace is a bonus. However, one issue with van Aanholt is his high attacking work rate. This means that you will have to set specific instructions to ensure that he doesn’t leave a gap in your defense.


Naby Keita

The new Liverpool singing, Naby Keita, reigned in Germany for a long time. He was key to RB Leipzig’s 2015/16 title campaign and will surely be key for Liverpool in the campaign for Premier League glory. However, he is a great addition to FIFA 19’s Premier League starter squads too. His high dribbling and 4-star skill moves mean that he is a great attacking midfielder.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Another Liverpool player, commonly known as ‘The Ox’, is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He is mostly used as an attacking midfielder in FIFA, after previously being a winger at Arsenal. This means that he is great in terms of pace, skills, and passing. However, his defensive and physical statistics are great this year, which makes him a perfect box-to-box midfielder in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team for your starter squad.

Ilkay Gundogan

In the 4-3-3 formation, there are three center-midfielders. This means that we can introduce a third and final player to our great midfield. Ilkay Gundogan is another player who played in Germany. However, he recently got a transfer to Premier League champions, Manchester City. This means that his creative ability and agile style of play has been transferred to the league in FIFA 19. Also, being only 7,000 coins, he is a great pickup for any player’s Ultimate Team.


Adame Traore Diarra

Adama is a Spanish winger who plays for the newly promoted team, Wolves. He has been crowned as one of the fastest players in the game. This makes his great for the wing in FIFA 19. Along with his electric pace, Adama has great dribbling and 4-star skills. This means that he is technically great in the game. However, I would suggest adding a chemistry style which boosts his shooting and passing, as that is also essential for a winger.


Felipe Anderson

Another new signing for the Premier League, Felipe Anderson is a skillful Brazilian who is looking to make a name for himself in the English division. His 92-pace and 88-dribbling have certainly attracted the attention of a lot of FIFA players. Along with this, he has the essential 4-star skills and a 4-star weak foot. This means that he will be great when crossing the ball, or cutting inside to shoot.


Callum Wilson

Finally, the most important position on the pitch is the striker. They are the ones who score the goals to win the games. Callum Wilson has always been the player to use at the start of the game. With high pace and clinical finishing being the main factor, Wilson has it all. In addition to these great statistics, he now has 4-star skill moves. Which makes him feel a lot more skillful and agile when using him in the game. Finally, being between 5,000 and 10,000 coins, he is accessible for everyone.

Who are you using in your FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? We’d love to hear from you. Also, you can check out our other FIFA 19 coverage if you enjoyed this article.