Best Dracula deck in Marvel Snap
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Marvel Snap features dozens of superheroes and villains for players to build decks around whether that be the ultra-popular Spiderman or some of the less-known characters like The Infinaut. But then there are some characters in Marvel Snap that are popular because they are based on folklore legends or because they have very interesting effects — Dracula is a great example of both.

Here is a quick guide on how to build the best deck around Dracula in Marvel Snap.

Dracula deck

Credit to Den/Marvel Snap Zone.

Dracula in Marvel Snap is a four-cost card with zero power which would normally put him in the trash bin as zero power doesn’t cut it for any card, let alone one that costs four energy. But there is a reason for his zero power and that’s because of his powerful effect. Dracula’s effect is neither an on-reveal nor ongoing effect, but instead says “at the end of the game discard a card from your hand, Dracula’s power becomes the power of that card.”

The card discarded is at random so Dracula’s power in any given game could be worth way more than the four energy he costs or way less making this inherently a very risky card to play unless you can manipulate the odds into your favor.

One of the best decks in the current metagame does, in fact, do that as it aims to make sure that there is just a single card in a player’s hand at the end of the game and the card that remains is in fact, worth it to discard. In the Lockjaw Dracula deck, players aim to accomplish the goal of getting the hand size down to just a copy of Apocalypse. This is done by discarding every card through the power of Lockjaw’s special ability which filters through all the discard outlets in the deck by the end of the game while simultaneously powering up Apocalypse which will give Dracula a game-winning stat boost at the end of the game. Players will need to be in Pool 3 to make the deck but once assembled, they should be able to stand up to any foe.

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