Best Destroyer Decks to use in Marvel Snap
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The current metagame in Marvel Snap is warped around a few powerful cards. One of them is Destroyer. Since Destroyer is a card that can only be obtained in Pool 3 making any deck with him in it one that is hard to build. With that said here are two different builds using the best of the best cards and one that players can use assuming they get Destroyer early on in Pool 3.

Beginner Destroyer Deck

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The cool thing about Destroyer is that almost all of the main cards needed to make him work are unlockable in earlier pools; the only Pool 3 card in this version of the deck is Destroyer. To offset Destroyer’s “destroy all your cards at this location” drawback, players will want to play Cosmo, Armor and Colossus. Cosmo stops Destroyer’s effect from going off, Armor prevents cards from being destroyed and Colossus can’t be destroyed; all of these cards allow players to put Destroyer down at an already occupied location. The rest of the cards in this deck all have ongoing effects, giving the deck an alternate win condition with Spectrum.

Ongoing Destroyer

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A popular version of the Destroyer deck plays only plays one additional Pool 3 card with Mojo; this deck is similar, but looks slightly different. Ant-Man and Captain America are in this deck to help win four-card locations. In the beginner version of the deck, players should try to avoid contesting locations and instead look to just snipe two lanes instead of winning them all. However, with the addition of Mojo, players can now try to win every lane. Mojo’s effect states that if both players have four cards at this location, he gains an additional six power; this makes him a eight-power card at the cost of only two energy. The optimal way to play this deck is to try to cheese a lane with Professor X, contest an opponent’s location with Mojo and friends and use Destroyer to win an empty lane.

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