Bendix Theater in South Bend, IN to be turned into esports arena
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The Bendix Theater in South Bend, Indiana, is undergoing construction that will convert it into an esports arena, according to South Bend Tribune. The esports arena will be home to Bethel University’s esports teams but will most likely draw other interest as well.

Classically, Bendix Theater was used as a concert hall. Renovations have already begun, and new carpeting is already being installed. The plan is to install tablet holders to the front row seats, and USB ports and power outlets will come to the other 600 seats in the theater. The project will cost around $2 million.

Once the renovations are complete, Bethel College will use the arena for its esports teams. Bethel is a Christian university and plans to use it for games that aren’t “overly violent or sexual” and have a Teen rating. These include League of Legends, Overwatch, and potentially another game.

Jeff Jarnecke, who is the executive director of the city’s venues, hopes that the arena will find other uses. He believes that other local colleges can find a use for it and that it could possibly host bigger esports competitions in the Midwest. This could help bring in revenue to hotels as well.

Jarnecke believes turning Bendix Theater into an esports arena can help boost South Bend’s image. The city has plenty of universities, including Notre Dame, and could heavily benefit from a growing esports scene.