BBL Esports announce Vlad and Root as VALORANT Coach and GM
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Turkish based esports organization BBL Esports announced via Twitter that they will be adding Berke “Vlad” Kantürk and Özgür “Root” Alagül as Head Coach and General Manager respectively on Thursday.

BBL Esports announces new VALORANT Head Coach and Manager

BBL Esports’ VALORANT team has made changes due to their lackluster performance as of late. The team placed 7th-8th in the VALORANT Champions Tour: Turkey – Stage Challengers 2 and 5th-6th for Challengers 1. Both times, the team lost to Fire Flux Esports. While they did win the Open Fire All-Stars tournament that took place a few weeks ago, the team has a long way to go before challenging those at the Masters level.

With the hopes of improvement, BBL Esports have brought in popular casters Vlad and Root. A shift from caster to a managerial or coaching position might seem strange, but it is not the first time it has happened. Alliance were one of the first to add talent from the VCT broadcast onto their team. In January of 2021, Alliance added Mitch “MitchMan” McBride as an analyst to help out their VALORANT team. During the time that MitchMan was on the team, Alliance were able to take several Europe Challenger tournaments. However, Alliance’s placings in other tournaments were also lackluster.

While this experiment has been done before, the pressure will be on Root and Vlad to turn this popular organization around.

“It has been always a pleasure to shoutcast BBL games in front of the huge audience, I loved my job as a shoutcaster/commentator but getting an offer from BBL is something you can’t refuse.” Said Vlad “So as I got the offer from them, I didn’t need to have a second thought to consider it.”

How will these changes affect one of the most popular teams in Turkey? Only time will tell

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