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Disclaimer: You can use either hero of your choice on our Battle Pass Guide list, since they work just as well. We pinpointed the quickest Heroes to use per quest.


Within a single victory
Pick-up or bottle 3/6/9 Bounty Runes


Best Option: Midlane heroes, basically, runes are for cores especially for midlanes because their first core item is bottle and they’ll be needing rune to refill their bottle time by time. It would be great if you let your teammates know about your quest so they will understand that you need to take all the runes for your bottle and also to accomplish your chosen task.


Option 1: Riki or Bounty Hunter- These two supports are very effective for ganking and while roaming the map it would be free for you to steal the runes from your enemies jungle.

Option 2: Jungling heroes- While jungling, bounty runes is very important for jungling heroes because it will give you an additional gold and experience while farming the neutrals.

Notes: Don’t be so aggressive while taking runes. Remember, safety first.


Successfully scan enemy 1/2/3 times while they are outside their fountain.

You can actually use any heroes for this quest but to make it easier you’ll be needing a map that is scouted by wards so you can guarantee an enemy scan.



Win 1/2/3 games before the game reaches 35:00


Best Option: Luna and Shadow Demon Combo- These famous hero combinations is designed to finish the game at its earliest.

Option 1: Drow Ranger, Vengeful Spirit and Windranger- If you have 2 friends to play with you, try to use these heroes, like Luna And SD combination they can easily end up a single game. But make sure that you will dominate every single lanes.

Notes: Any heroes can be used while completing this quest but always make sure that your heroes are designed to push and your team have a good communication so you will always comes up as 5.

Interrupt 2/4/6 enemy heroes during a channelled spell.


Best Option: Stunners- Obviously, you cannot cancel any channelling spell through normal attacks, but you can cancel it through stuns. Earthshaker, Earth Spirit and Shadow Shaman are the best heroes to use.

Option 1: Heroes with Silence on their skills- Silencing your enemies can cancel their channelling spells. You can just simply disable them through Gust of Drow Ranger, Skills of Silencer, Ancient Seal of Skywrath; and many more.

Other Options: You can also build Euls of divinity, Malevolence, Abyssal to cancel any channelling spells.

Get kills or assists after using blink dagger 4/8/12 times

Best Option: Sand King- through clash, go in one corner and channel your epicenter, then blink forward and follow it with your stun. But make sure that you know the right timing in order to perform the Epicenter+Blink dagger combination. You’ll definitely get an assist and kills.

Option 1: Legion Commander- Blink+Duel, through your duel you can instantly get kills or assist but you have to consider not going alone because the duel damage that you might have may get by your enemies. Make sure that you have an allies on the certain place where you are about to gank.

Option 2: Templar Assassin- If you are good with this hero, this is absolutely fit to accomplish the quest. Templar is known for its nuking skills and ability to burst its enemy. Tip, aim the supports.

Notes: You can use any heroes but make sure that you will have the perfect timing to get an assists or a kills.


Across multiple victory: Reach level 25 in 1/2/3 games.

Best option: Pick a carry hero where you can farm and get some experiences. But beware, coz you might be ganked.

Option 1: Pick a heroes with +experience gain on their talent tree like Legion Commander and Invoker.

Use force staff on allies or enemies 10/20/30 times

Best Option: Pick a support and be a clutch gamer, supports often build force staff as their first item, so if you are a support player pick this quest and saved your allies or push enemies to death.

Option 1: Use a heroes that often build a hurricane spike as one of their core items like Outworld Devourer, Templar Assassin or Sniper.

Notes: You have to be aware and sensitive while using force staff, because you might save an enemy or put an ally into danger.

Use Rod of Atos 5/10/15 times.

Best Option: Skywrath Mage- this hero is required to build the rod of atos because it fits his ultimate.

Option 1: Invoker- FATA is a well know DotA player, and he’s very popular with his unique Invoker build and his famous Rod Of Atos plus sunstrike, meteor, and deafening blast combination. Rod of Atos can be an alternative for Euls.

Hit two or more heroes with veil of discord for a total of 4/8/12 times.

Best Option: Ember Spirit, Queen Of Pain and Zeus- in this patch(7.01)  these heroes first item is veil to support their deadly magic skills. Through veil you can amplify your skills and get an easy kills.

Deal 7500/12500/17500 or more magic or pure damage to enemy heroes.

Best Option for magic damage: Lina and Queen of Pain- These two beautiful heroes have a deadly magic skills, they can easily bursts enemy to death and can really deal a ton of Damage.

Best Option for physical damage: Legion Commander, Ursa, Anti Mage and Juggernaut- These heavy hitters can torn any heroes apart. They can deal a huge physical damage by just right clicking them.

Notes: Any heroes can actually deal a magic or physical damage because they are designed to do so. But, you have to consider which heroes has the capability to do the quest easier.

Purge 2/4/6 debuffs using guardian greaves.

Best Option: Pick a support that often build guardian greaves like Omniknight, Bounty Hunter, Keeper of the Light, Dark Seer, Tidehunter, Dazzle: and many more.

Notes: Make sure that you’ll pick the support that prioritize guardian greaves, but don’t perform this quest if your enemies doesn’t have any purge skills.

Destroy 50/100/150 creeps.

Best Option: Timbersaw- bases on his name, he was designed to cut trees. So you can cut more than a hundred of trees with his skills.

Option 1: Storm Spirit- his lightning bolt can destroy trees, so like timbersaw he can cut huge numbers of trees.

Option 2: Natures Prophet: this heroes third skill requires to cut trees.

Other Options: You can build a quelling blade or Iron Talon as your tools to cut trees.

Deal 2000/3000/5000 mana burn to enemy Heroes

Best Option: Anti Mage- with his 1st skill he can burn down a lot of manas.

Option 1: Nyx Assassin- using his second skill(mana burn) you can break down the mana of enemies.

Option 2: Keeper Of the Light- Mana Leak, this skill has a low cooldown but can melt down tons of mana.

Other Options: Consider building Diffusal Blade.

Cast Arc Lightning to hit 3 or more enemies at once 6/12/18 times, and deal a total of 4000/8000/12000 magic or pure damage.

Required Hero: Zeus- his 1st skill arc lightning, can burst heroes down, but building Veil of Discord can amplify your 1st skills.

Notes: Try to analyze first if Zeus is effective for the game that you are in. But if you are going to be countered, don’t do so, always prioritize victory and gain +25 mmr.

This article was written by Andrian Jimenez for Daily eSports.