Barclays: How Gen Z will fit into the gaming industry
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As gaming continues to grow in popularity among Generation Z, banking giant Barclays recently conducted a survey to see how it would impact their career choices. Of the 2,003 young people (between 8 and 18 years old) surveyed, 62% say that video games are their favorite hobby.

Survey says…

Barclays also discovered that 54% of respondents believe that video games are more fun than the real world. Furthermore, 68% would choose a career in gaming over becoming a lawyer, and 58% over being a doctor or nurse. Additionally, 56% would rather have a job in the gaming industry than be a professional athlete.

Lastly, 55% would rather engage with video games than watch television, Netflix or Amazon Prime. The survey acts as a part of a wider study into UK gaming culture. With the results in hand, the bank described its plans to help push the sector forward, especially in the UK.

“Barclays has today become the first high street bank to offer tax credit loans to video game producers allowing them to receive advance funds against future tax credits from HMRC. This improves their cash flow, and it is helping to make the UK one of the most attractive countries in the world for video game producers to invest in.”

Barclays’ involvement in the industry

Barclays has been known for supporting the esports and gaming industry. For example, the Barclays Game Technology Frenzy was recently hosted in London. This event showcased esports tournaments, exhibitions, and had guest industry speakers. In addition, the event partnered with a wide range of groups including the UKIE, Game Republic, and Women in Games.

Gavin Smith, Relationship Director for Technology and Media at Barclays Business Banking, commented on the industry’s continued growth.

“It’s encouraging to see more young people have the ambition to work in the video game sector, with the skills required to help the UK maintain its position as a gaming hub. Britain’s gaming ecosystem is thriving, already employing nearly 50,000 people across the development, creation and publishing of some of the world’s most exciting games.”

Ultimately, this shows large organizations such as Barclays, as well as the UK government, recognize the prominence of gaming culture. With this support system available, it may encourage more people to pursue a career in gaming or content creation.

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