Bangalore glitch makes the legend appear to have three arms
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With the launch of Apex Legends Season 4, there was a brand new legend released, the addition of a new weapon, and changes to the map. However, since then, there have also been numerous bugs and glitches that players have encountered. Glitches with legends have seen Revenant’s Totem teleport players and Caustic’s trap receiving an unintended buff. However, a newer and more entertaining bug has affected the legend Bangalore, making the legend appear to have three arms. The popular legend received a buff in Season 3, which dramatically improved her abilities. This new glitch doesn’t seem to affect her gameplay at all, but it’s amusing to watch.

The Bangalore glitch

A player uploaded a clip to the Apex Legends Reddit of the glitch in action. The player can be seen in a gunfight, causing damage to an enemy. Following this, the player reloads their weapon while using Bangalore’s smoke screen ability. During the reload animation, a third arm appears with the smoke launcher next to the player. In the video, it appears that Bangalore has an extra arm, as well as an extra hand. There are also reports that this bug occurs with the legend Octane and his stim shot ability.

In dire situations you can summon Bangalore’s third arm!! from apexlegends

This glitch is not detrimental to the gameplay, nor does it give players an advantage. In the clip, Bangalore’s left arm disappears from the weapon grip at the same time that the smoke launcher appears. This means that it is likely the player just encountered an animation overlap glitch. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal for the game.

The community has managed to find the entertaining side of a glitch. So, when playing as Bangalore, make sure to look out for a third arm!

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