Baldur's Gate 3: Should you side with Zhentarim or Nine-Fingers Keene in BG3?
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At some point in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you might run into a situation where you need to pick a side in the Guildhall. The incumbent Nine-Fingers Keene currently runs things, but there is a Zhentarim uprising taking place, and you are thrust into the middle of the conflict.

This decision comes as a result of tracking down the Stone Lord, who is actually Minsc being manipulated by the Absolute. After that quest wraps up and you return to the Guildhall, you could be faced with deciding in usurping Nine-Fingers Keene with the Zhentarim or allowing Nine-Fingers to remain in control.

Below, I will break down both choices so you can decide what’s best for your character.

Siding with the Zhentarim in the Guildhall in BG3

The Zhentarim uprising is started by their leader, Roah, who is integral in the Minsc questline. Roah is paid 10,000 gold by the Absolute in exchange for her role in Minsc’s escape from the ambush set up by Nine-Fingers. After the events of the ambush at the Counting House, Roah is found with Minsc and the fake Jaheira in the sewers beyond the Sluice Gate.

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When you confront the three, Roah will likely escape, as she does not engage in combat. The next time you find her is at the Guildhall, getting ready to rise up against Nine-Fingers. Here, she will ask you if you want to join her and the Zhentarim’s side. If you say yes, then a massive combat sequence will immediately start. You will have to kill most of the Guildhall’s members, aside from any vendors or NPCs such as The Professor.

Once that’s done, Roah will take her place in Nine-Fingers’ office and give you a reward for your help. This also means that the Zhentarim will join in your fight against the Absolute when the time comes.

Siding with Nine-Fingerss Keene in the Guildhall in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3: Should you side with Zhentarim or Nine-Fingers in BG3?
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On the flip side, if you choose to side with Nine-Fingers Keene, you need to tell Roah that when you encounter her in the Guildhall. This will make all of the Zhentarim hostile, but the Guildhall members will be on your side to help.

I recommend killing Roah first, as she has the 10,000 gold from the Counting House on her body. You can pick that up and then decide to turn the gold into Rakath Gliterbeard to complete another quest and earn more rewards. You can also keep the 10,000 gold for yourself. Either way, once the Zhentarim are dead, Nine-Fingers will be extremely grateful and offer the Guildhall’s help against the Absolute.

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Choosing to kill both sides in the Guildhall in BG3

The third and hidden option in this scenario is to kill both sides, including Nine-Fingers and Roah. This means you need to take one side and then immediately choose to attack the opposing side’s leader when you speak to them. After everyone is dead, the Guildhall will be leaderless, and many offer you the job of running it.

From what I can tell, there is no way to officially take control of the Guildhall. However, this isn’t an optimal outcome, as you lose either side’s support for the fight against the Absolute. On the other hand, two criminal groups are put to an end, so it’s up to you to decide what outcome is best for you.

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