Baldur's Gate 3: Should you kill your Dream Guardian in BG3?
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From the very start of Baldur’s Gate 3, you see your Dream Guardian appear to you randomly throughout the story. They tell you to trust them and they are responsible for not allowing the tadpole in your head to turn you into a mind flayer. However, an opportunity arises in Acts 1 or 2 in BG3 that allows you to kill your Guardian.

Obviously, you might have mixed feelings about Guardian, as you have no idea as to what their intentions are with you. On the other hand, if they’re the ones keeping you safe, then it might be best to stay on their good side. This opportunity to kill them arises when you visit the Githyanki Creche in the Mountain Pass and confront Vlaakith, queen of the githyanki. She tells you the Guardian is living in the Astral Prism, and you need to go in there against your Guardian’s wishes to confront them.

What happens next is you need to decide whether to kill your Guardian or spare them and side against Vlaakith. Below, I will go over both sides of this situation and tell you which side I would pick.

Killing your Dream Guardian in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3: Should you attack your Guardian in BG3?
The choice to kill or spare your Guardian in BG3. | Screenshot via Upcomer

For starters, let’s go over what would happen if you decided to take the chance and kill your Guardian inside the Astral Prism. When your Guardian kneels down and hands you a sword to either kill or spare them, you simply need to take it and say that Vlaakith commanded you to kill them. You will plunge the sword into your Guardian’s chest and they will say they had hoped the two of you could have worked together.

The Guardian will disappear for a brief second after this happens, but then they will simply reappear, completely unharmed. Given your actions, the Guardian states you can no longer be trusted, but they will continue working with you for the sake of both of your lives. Luckily, this won’t stop the Guardian from telling you a juicy secret about Vlaakith.

It’s also worth noting that Vlaakith will know the Guardian didn’t die in this scenario and attack you when you leave the Astral Prism, even if you tried to follow the queen’s orders.

Sparing your Dream Guardian in BG3

On the other hand, if you decide to go against Vlaakith, you can take the sword from the Guardian and decide to spare them. This will make the Guardian trust you 100% and they will immediately divulge the secret about Vlaakith to you. When you leave the Prism, Vlaakith will still attack with the githyanki army.

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Having the Guardian’s trust is paramount to get a few endings in BG3. While I won’t reveal too much, I will say that the Guardian does have your best interest at heart for most of the story. There will come a point, though, where the Guardian will ultimately put themselves ahead of you.

Which choice should you make?

Since there is no real benefit to trying to kill the Guardian, you should only spare them inside the Astral Prism. The Guardian can’t be killed, so it makes no sense to try unless you truly don’t want to work with the Guardian in any capacity.

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