Baldur's Gate 3: Should Wyll sacrifice himself for his father in BG3?
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Near the start of Act 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be faced with an extremely difficult decision regarding Wyll. After the coronation of Lord Gortash has concluded, you can meet with Mizora on the main floor of Wyrm’s Rock Fortress. Mizora will tell you that she has information concerning Duke Ulder Ravengard, Wyll’s father, and that she will meet you back at your camp.

At camp, Mizora says that she will tell you where Gortash is holding Duke Ulder Ravengard prisoner. This information will allow you to save the Duke and have him as an ally in the fight to come against the Elder Brain. However, in exchange for that information, Mizora requires Wyll to sacrifice himself to her by pledging his lifelong loyalty to another contract. This can come as a huge blow, especially after saving Mizora at the end of Act 2 in exchange for reducing Wyll’s sentence to just six months.

So, which choice should you make in BG3? I’ll give you both sides of the situation in the guide below. Warning, there will be spoilers for the ending of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Letting Wyll sacrifice himself for his father’s freedom

Baldur's Gate 3: Should Wyll sacrifice himself for his father in BG3?
Wyll signing over his life to Mizora. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The choice many of you will likely want to make is nudging Wyll to save his father. This is the choice I made, and I absolutely do not regret it, for a few reasons. Number one, you get to learn the location of Duke Ulder Ravengard, who is being held in Gortash’s Iron Throne underwater prison. If you save the Duke, he will join your camp and even give you a new quest regarding Ansur the Dragon. The Duke will also be able to help you in the final fight of BG3.

However, this means that Wyll will have to serve Mizora for his entire life. This actually turns out alright, though, as Wyll only has to chase down demons and devils for Mizora. He eventually turns himself into the Blade of Avernus and is the key cog in saving Karlach at the end of BG3. Without Wyll turning into the Blade of Avernus, Karlach is not able to be saved from her infernal engine. This ending is only triggered if you destroy the Elder Brain, though.

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It’s important to remember that in this scenario, you will have to turn on Gortash. Going into the Iron Throne prison will destroy your chances of working with Gortash in BG3, so keep that in mind with reference to your playthrough.

Giving Wyll his freedom from Mizora

Mizora makes Wyll an enticing offer. | Screenshot via Upcomer

On the flip side, if you say no to Mizora and let Wyll be free of her (in six months), then you can technically still go and save the Duke in the Iron Throne prison. Of course, you need to know how to get there and what to do once you’re there, as you won’t have Mizora’s information to guide you.

If you save the Duke, he will still join you as an ally and the story plays out the same as it would if you let Wyll sacrifice himself. However, Mizora will not be happy with you whatsoever, as you were able to save both Wyll and his father. The main difference between this scenario and the other one is that Wyll doesn’t turn into the Blade of Avernus and is thus not able to help Karlach at the end of the game.

For that reason, I recommend letting Wyll sacrifice himself for his father, as it allows him to save Karlach and makes for the best overall ending between the two characters.

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