Baldur's Gate 3: How to Save the Gondians in BG3
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Save the Gondians is a side quest that you can pick up while exploring the Lower City in Baldur’s Gate 3. Through one way or the other, you learn that there are Gondians being forced to work in the Steel Watch Foundry to produce Lord Gortash’s Steel Watcher army. The Gondians are forced to do this due to their family members being locked away and threatened with death in the underwater Iron Throne prison.

When you receive this quest, you likely have no idea where to go or what to do to complete it. Luckily, I have managed to save the Gondians in BG3 and am here to walk you through the entire quest. As a warning, there are slight spoilers for Act 3 of BG3 below.

Save the Gondians at the Iron Throne in Baldur’s Gate 3

Your first step in this quest will be to visit the Iron Throne prison to save as many Gondian hostages as possible. You can get to the Iron Throne by going inside the Flymm Cargo building, heading into the basement via the hatch, and then convincing Redhammer the Deviser to take you down there in the submarine.

The location of the Flymm Cargo building. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Before arriving at the Iron Throne, Lord Gortash will call you via a hologram and say if you dock at the prison, everyone inside will die. To save the Gondians, you need to ignore this order and dock anyway.

Once you arrive in the prison, head down the ladder and you will find yourself in combat with Sahuagin enemies. You will also see dozens of hostages locked inside small prison cells as well as Duke Ulder Ravengard. We have a separate guide on saving Duke Ravengard.

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Another thing you will see is a timer on the right-hand side of your screen. This timer tells you how many turns you have before the prison blows up, so you need to get the hostages and Duke Ravengard out before then. However, in my playthrough, I did not have this timer when I reloaded a second save, so it appears the quest is bugged right now.

You need to ensure some Gondian hostages escape the prison via the ladder. | Screenshot via Upcomer

In any case, I recommend having your party split up by going down the four different corridors in the prison. Rescue as many Gondian hostages as possible by opening the levers next to their locked cell doors. This will give them a turn in the attack order where they will dash and run toward the submarine ladder to escape the prison.

Once you have as many hostages as possible, get your entire party back to the ladder and a cutscene will play that shows the prison blowing up. Any hostages you didn’t save will wind up dead on a nearby beach.

Saving the Gondians in the Steel Watch Foundry

Your next step is to infiltrate the Steel Watch Foundry and rescue the enslaved Gondians inside. We have a separate guide on getting inside the Steel Watch Foundry and disabling it, so you can check that out to see exactly what to do. You can see where it is located in the screenshot below.

Steel Watch Foundry location
The Steel Watch Foundry location. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Basically, though, you need to go inside, defend the Gondian workers in combat, and then work with Toobin, the head Gondian worker, to blow up the Steel Watch Foundry. You want to ensure Toobin stays alive for this entire ordeal. Be warned, though, as this will make Lord Gortash turn against you and his prior deal regarding the Elder Brain will be off the table.

Save the Gondians in Baldur's Gate 3
The entire questline for Save the Gondians in BG3. | Screenshot via Upcomer

After blowing up the Steel Watch Foundry, Toobin will talk to you outside the building and gather the rest of his fellow Gondians to leave the city. This will complete the Save the Gondians quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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