Baldur's Gate 3: How to open the Solid Doors at the Temple of Bhaal in BG3
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The Temple of Bhaal will likely be one of the last stops you make in your journey before seeing the credits roll in Baldur’s Gate 3. Getting inside the Temple of Bhaal is not easy, though, as you need to somehow open the Solid Doors to get inside.

After fighting the Bhaal Reapers past the Undercity Ruins waypoint, you will make your way Temple of Bhaal path. This is lined with dead bodies, a red mist, and braziers that light up when you pass them. At the end of this path, you will unlock the Temple of Bhaal waypoint.

Then, you can cross the bridge to reach the Solid Doors, which cannot be opened without a very specific item in your inventory.

Opening the Solid Doors at the Temple of Bhaal in BG3

The Solid Doors can’t be lockpicked or opened with any key for that matter. Instead, the item you need is the Amulet of Bhaal, which is a rare amulet only found in one place.

The Amulet of Bhaal is located on the body of Sarevok Anchev, the head of the Murder Tribunal in BG3. So, before you go see Orin the Red in the Temple of Bhaal, you need to complete the Murder Tribunal quest, as this is the only way to gain access to Sarevok.

The painting reveals the entrance to the Murder Tribunal. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you have progressed the “Investigate the Murders” quest far enough, you will be able to access the entrance to the Murder Tribunal. This is in the Candulhallow Tombstones shop in the northeastern part of the Lower City. Inside the Tombstones shop, you can interact with a painting on the wall to reveal a secret entrance to the Murder Tribunal.

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In the Tribunal, you will be able to face Sarevok to prove if you’re ready to become an Assassin of Bhaal. However, if you want the Amulet of Bhaal, you need to kill Sarevok, which can be done at any number of times. I recommend attacking when it’s just Sarevok and the three bloodied women in the chairs, as going further into the Tribunal will only make you fight more enemies.

Solid Doors in the Temple of Bhaal in BG3
The Amulet of Bhaal is required to open the Solid Doors. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once Sarevok is dealt with, loot his body to pick up the Amulet of Bhaal. With that in your inventory, you can head back to the Temple of Bhaal and interact with the Solid Doors to get them to open.

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