Baldur's Gate 3: How to get into the Elminster Vault in BG3
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Traveling through the Sorcerous Sundries library can be an extremely rewarding endeavor in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially if you find your way into the basement vaults. Here, there are two vaults, the Elminster and Karsus Vaults, that hold some valuable books and loot inside them. More specifically, though, today we’re going over the Elminster Vault and how to get inside it in BG3.

If you’re trying to get through the Elminster Vault, then I will assume you have already slipped your way into the librarian’s office and are currently looking at doors, trying to figure out which one to go through. If you’re in this situation, fear not, as I’m here to give you a quick rundown on which doors to go through to unlock the Elminster Vault in BG3.

For anyone that needs a full rundown on how to get inside the librarian’s office and into the basement vault room, then check out my previous guide on getting into the Karsus Vault.

Getting into the Elminster Vault in BG3

For this to be as simple as possible, make sure you are starting in the main area with the Silverhand door and the two vault doors. From here, follow the steps below to unlock the Elminster Vault:

  • Go through the Silverhand door in the main area.
  • Enter the Evocation door in the following room to reach another room. 
get into the Elminster Vault in BG3
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  • In the next room, enter the Wish door to find a room with a fancy lever in it.
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  • Use the lever and then exit the room through the way you came.
  • Go through the Foresight door to reach the main area again. 
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  • The door to the Elminster Vault will be unlocked, and you can go inside to reach The Tharchiate Codex book. 
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Interacting and reading The Tharchiate Codex book will result in your character being afflicted with the Tharchiate Withering curse. This curse lowers your Constitution stat by five points permanently. However, you can use the Remove Curse spell to get rid of the effect and replace it with the Tharchiate Vigor passive effect, which grants you 20 temporary hit points until your next long rest. This passive is permanent, so give it to whatever characters need extra HP the most. Make sure that specific character reads the book and you have the Remove Curse spell available.

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Congratulations, you have now successfully explored the Elminster Vault in the Sorcerous Sundries library of BG3.

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