Baldur's Gate 3: How to find Oskar and complete Free the Artist in BG3
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Oskar Fevras is a character that you meet during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. Oskar is located within the Zhentarim Hideout and if you interact with him, you are able to start his quest, called Free the Artist.

While you start Free the Artist in Act 1, it will be sitting in your quest log for quite some time. You won’t be able to continue and finish it until midway through Act 3 when you reach the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. Here, you can find Oskar in the city and complete his quest, which is one full of twists and turns.

The first thing you have to do is find Oskar in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Finding Oskar in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the Lower City region, Oskar is located at a house called Lady Jannath’s Estate. If you remember from your talk with him in Act 1, Lady Jannath is Oskar’s new bride that he’s currently having some problems with. You can see where Lady Jannath’s Estate is located in the screenshot below.

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At the estate, you can enter through the front door after speaking with Jannath’s bodyguard. Although, heading inside the house is not so easy. You will be attacked by ghosts and take some massive damage from poltergeists and floating skulls. I simply ran straight through the damage with my party, taking short rests when our health got low, and eventually reached Lady Jannath’s bedroom.

Here, you find Oskar standing over Jannath calling her horrible names, but he’s not quite himself.

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How to save Oskar in BG3

After the cutscene between Oskar and Jannath plays, your job will be to save Oskar by knocking him out with a non-lethal blow. You can also choose to kill him, which will prematurely end the Free the Artist quest and make Lady Jannath quite upset with you.

If you wish to save Oskar during this fight, go into each of your party member’s spellbooks and check the Common tab. Here, look for a skill called Non-Lethal Blow, which is what you need to use on Oskar when he’s at low health. For me, Gale and Astarion had this skill. Whittle Oskar down to around five health, use Non-Lethal Blow by pressing it on your hotbar, and he will be knocked out instead of dying.

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After this happens, another cutscene with Lady Jannath will play. She will tell you to check Oskar’s office on the top floor of the estate for more clues on why he is acting so strange. Getting to the top floor is not easy, though, as the ghosts and skulls will continue attacking you. I only recommend having one character go to the top floor.

Once you get to the top floor, you will find several paintings and two easels. One of the easels does not have a painting on it, though. You need to pick up the painting of Oskar, which is on the ground, and place it on the empty easel. This opens up a secret door in the room, where there is another painting of a woman named Kerri. However, you can’t interact with this painting yet.

Going to Mystic Carrion

Long story short, the painting is cursed and is the source of all the ghosts in Lady Jannath’s Estate. To get rid of the curse, you need to visit Mystic Carrion, who is located in Philgrave’s Mansion in the southeast part of the Lower City. Talk to Mystic Carrion and he will task you with either paying him 3,000 gold or finding his assistant, Thrumbo, to give you information on how to remove the curse.

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I chose to find Thrumbo, as it coincides with another quest I started earlier for Mystic Carrion. If you chose this option as well, Thrumbo is located in a small house near the beach directly to the east of the mansion. You can find him inside the wardrobe in the house. Thrumbo will reveal that Mystic Carrion needs to die, and you need to decide whether to turn Thrumbo in or take his side and kill his former master.

Killing Mystic Carrion in BG3

Those who decide to kill Carrion will need to find his heart, as the mystic has turned himself into a mummy lord and cannot die. To get Carrion’s heart, you need to travel to the Undercity Ruins in the Lower City Sewers, as seen in the screenshot below.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to find Oskar for Free the Artist in BG3
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At the Undercity Ruins waypoint, go past the voiceless penitent man to find a passageway. Go into the passageway and you will be in a room full of chests and gold. I recommend not opening any of these chests, as doing so will make a dozen zombies pop up to attack you. Either way, go to the right side of the room to find a locked stone wall.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to find Oskar for Free the Artist in BG3
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Lockpick the wall to enter a small room, where you can loot Mystic Carrion’s jarred liver and brain. However, the main thing you need to do is read the book on the table. This will reveal that Carrion put his heart inside of Thrumbo. Return to Thrumbo and make him throw the jarred heart up.

Once you have the heart, drop it, the liver, and the brain on the ground, back up, and shoot one with an arrow. This will destroy all of them, and make Mystic Carrion vulnerable to death.

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Returning to Philgrave’s Mansion starts combat with Carrion and all of his servants immediately. Kill everyone and Thrumbo will return to give you a very rare ring. Loot Carrion’s body for other rare items, including a key.

You can use that key to unlock a gilded chest at the end of the first floor room. Inside the chest is the Torch of Revocation, which you can use to burn the cursed painting in Oskar’s office.

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Burning the painting and freeing Oskar

At Lady Jannath’s Estate, go back to the top floor, equip the Torch of Revocation, and use it on the painting of Kerri. This will make Kerri’s poltergeist emerge and she will immediately go to confront Oskar. Head downstairs to Lady Jannath’s bedroom and Oskar and Kerri will be fighting.

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I’ll let you make all of the decisions from here, but you will need to decide Oskar’s fate. Either way, this will complete the Free the Artist quest for Oskar in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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