Baldur's Gate 3: Can you save Karlach from dying in BG3?
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Karlach is one of the most beloved characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. She’s a misunderstood “devil” that had to play the part of Zariel’s lap dog for years and years. Now that she’s with you, though, she has the ability to become free of Zariel and the newfound tadpole in her. Unfortunately, all that hope comes crashing to a halt when it’s revealed that Karlach’s infernal engine will soon blow up and kill her in the process.

This news is revealed by Dammon, the tiefling blacksmith who can also cool down Karlach’s infernal engine using Infernal Iron. When Dammon breaks the news to you and Karlach, it seems like a foregone conclusion that by the end of BG3, she will die and there’s nothing you can do to save her.

In this guide, I’ll go into whether or not that’s true and how you might be able to save her life. Warning, there are major spoilers for the end of Baldur’s Gate 3 below.

Can you save Karlach from dying in BG3?

In short, yes, you are able to save Karlach from dying in BG3. From what I can gather, there is only one way to do this, and it happens at the very end of the game. I was only able to save Karlach with a couple of specific endings. Other endings did not grant me the opportunity to save her.

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In my first ending, I was able to destroy the Elder Brain with the help of all my allies and saved the city of Baldur’s Gate. After the Elder Brain fell from the sky, my party and I gathered to talk about what just happened. During this dialogue, Karlach fell to the floor, with her infernal engine heating up to lethal levels. When it seems like she’s ready to die, Wyll steps in and offers to take Karlach to Avernus with him, which is the only place her infernal engine can be kept in check. If you make Karlach do this, she will go with Wyll and stay alive.

Can you save Karlach from dying in BG3
The choice to save Karlach or let her die. | Screenshot via Upcomer

For this to work, you need to ensure that Wyll sacrificed his freedom for his father’s with Mizora, which turns him into the Blade of Avernus. In doing this, Wyll promises his life to Mizora, but will only hunt down devils and demons for her. However, he can also bring Karlach with him to Avernus so she can help him in this endeavor. Wyll promises Zariel will never touch Karlach again if she goes with him.

This scene happens in a couple of different variations of the ending in BG3, so you don’t have to stick to just one ending to save Karlach. It’s a touching moment, as Wyll and Karlach, once enemies, will spend the rest of their days chasing down evil-doers.

If you don’t get this ending scene or Wyll doesn’t turn into the Blade of Avernus, I don’t believe it’s possible to save Karlach in BG3.

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