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The Japanese League of Legends team Axiz announced today that the team will be rebuilt for the 2020 season. Last November, the organization released several of its players after a disappointing year in the League of Legends Japan League (LJL).

New talent for Axiz

On Jan. 16, the Axiz organization revealed the first new members of the 2020 roster. The new members include Gil “Hide” Seon-ho, formerly known as Latina, as the roster’s new bot lane player and Kim “Hoglet” Gwang-hyeop, who competed previously in Champions Korea (CK). Another surprising new signing was revealed alongside these announcements: Yang “Yeon” Gwang-pyo, the former coach of the Afreeca Freecs, has been signed as the new coach of the roster.

Axiz League of Legends

Extended contracts for Uinyan and Gariaru

Besides the newly signed members, both Takasi “Uinyan” Inoue, the top laner of Axiz, and Yoshimasa “Gariaru” Sato, the mid laner of the team, have had their contracts extended throughout 2020. Both Gariaru and Uinyan were part of Axiz throughout their disappointing 2019 year. 2020 will be the year of redemption for them, and they have a lot to prove this upcoming split.

It was previously expected that the former bot lane player of Axiz, Wataru “Day1” Shimizu, would remain with the roster for another split. However, shortly after the Axiz roster announcements, he revealed that he is stepping down from the professional League of Legends scene indefinitely.

The roster is still looking for a new support player to join the roster. As the LJL team has already capped out its import slots at this time, the support is required to be from Japan. Fans have speculated that Masura “Mei” Hatate could be making a return. Mei stepped down back in February 2018 and has been streaming full time since.

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