Autimatic leaves CS:GO to join T1 Valorant roster - Upcomer
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T1 has added Timothy “autimatic” Ta to their Valorant roster, marking the same shift from a career in Counter Strike: Global Offensive that many of his peers have already made.

Head coach David Denis announced autimatic’s addition to the team in a splashy video posted to T1’s Twitter. He added that his main goal for the team this year is to win the 2021 Champions Tour, describing their path as a long road that will require a roster that “aligns with the values of T1.” While he did not elaborate on those values in particular, he also did not mention that autimatic’s place on the team comes at the expense of Keven “AZK” Larivière.


Esports journalist George Geddes confirmed that AZK has been benched in favor of T1’s new arrival, and an image is circulating online that even shows Braxton “brax” Pierce missing from the team’s lineup.

While the future of those two players is currently uncertain, autimatic’s addition to T1 reunites him with former teammates Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham. The two were members of the Cloud9 roster that won ELEAGUE Major Boston: 2018, the only North American team to ever win a CS:GO major championship. 

More recently, autimatic had been signed to Gen.G Esports. His now former team had slowly fallen apart starting in September of last year, when Damian “daps” Steele left to join NRG’s Valorant team (followed soon after by Sam “s0m” Oh). Until today, he was the only player remaining on Gen.G’s CS:GO roster. Autimatic did commend the organization on Twitter for the support it offered him from the start


To see how autimatic and Skadoodle perform as a duo reunited, as well as what’s in store for both AZK and brax, stay tuned to Daily Esports for all your Valorant coverage.

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