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It’s been called the greatest celebration of gaming culture in Australia.

There have been plenty of gaming awards in Australia before, from the Australian Developer Games Awards to Independent Games Festival Awards. Whilst these awards have been crucial in celebrating developer talent, no awards span the entire scope of esports and gaming. Yes, even the Women in Games Awards are fantastic for our female talent. But they are only for our lovely ladies. Is there anything that covers all areas and all genders? Yes! Now there is, with the Australian Games Awards. This is the first time there have been awards across every category, for everyone.

The inaugural awards will recognize excellence in games, accessories, journalism, esports, content creation, and cosplay. There are 30 awards in total. People can be nominated for, and receive, more than one. A multitude of industry partners have come on board for each category. Bethesda is the presenting partner. This sits right in Bethesda’s culture of community. Nintendo is one of the category patrons, and EB Games is the retail partner.

Australian Games Awards

The awards are currently open for nomination. Nominations and voting will be undertaken by the Australian games community. All awards will be announced and presented at a special live event. Come together with fans, finalists, and the industry on Dec. 19 this year. The event will be held at Luna Park in Sydney. Sydney is arguably the home of esports in Australia. People from Melbourne, however, may beg to differ.

Since EB Games is the presenting partner, all tickets will be purchased through them. They will be running this event off the back of a successful partnership with PAX Australia.

If you’re in Australia and would like to nominate for an award, check the AGA website. Nominate your favorite streamer, cosplayer, play of the year, game of the year, and more. This will be an exciting move for the Australian community, as esports and gaming have grown considerably in the region.

Celebrating esports and gaming

The Australian Games Awards is a celebration of esports and gaming. As the industry grows, so too do the people steering the ship. It’s fitting therefore that we celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies within our community. Recognition not only celebrates individual achievements, but by extension, the wider community. It’s important to celebrate as they should be congratulated for their efforts. Furthermore, it’s a chance to show the rest of the community what’s really happening. Understanding of goals, milestones, and achievements helps everyone strive to do better. It helps us tell success stories and inspires others to strive for excellence.

If you’re in Australia, be sure not to miss these amazing awards taking place in December.

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