Athletico join Australian Apex Open
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Premier Oceanic esports club debuts

Athletico, one of Australia’s leading esports organisations, have joined the first Australian Apex Legends competition. They’ll be competing for the $35,000 AUD prize pool. Apex Open is a tournament for veterans and newbies, and Athletico are excited to join the fray.

Richard Lee, the Director of Operations for Athletico, believes Mogul is playing an important role for esports in Australia:

We see Mogul are playing an important role in competitive play for teams and players in the region. The Australian Apex Open will give the players the ability to judge where they stand in the region while having a further large monetary incentive to play at the highest level of competition available, legitimising career potential as a competitor.

This also provides a grassroots platform for Australian esports organisations to scope prospects in a new game. Mogul will help great players seeking exposure to make it in esports. We look forward to seeing the work the Athletico Apex team has put in come to life in the Australian Apex Open.

Jamie Skella, the Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer for Mogul, welcomes Athletico’s involvement. With established teams, the standard improves and more opportunities open:

There is a lot of merit in publisher-run and community-driven competitive models which
drives esports runs in Australia. Mogul’s online model offers the convenience of frequent,
online play, with financial rewards which are available to everyone. With the involvement of
established team organisations like Athletico, the standard of players improves, and more
competitive and semi-pro players can put themselves in their sights for recruitment

Athletico not the only team

Athletico esports aren’t the only org to join the Apex Open. Avant Gaming have recently announced their Apex Legends team. They’ll be competing alongside Athletico in the Apex Open. Trident Esports has registered for the Open too.

Both teams will be up against other individuals. The first round of qualifiers has already begun. For all the rules, info, tournament stats, and ladders, check out Mogul. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends updates on Daily Esports.

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