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With gla1ve back as in-game leader, Astralis took home the trophy at DreamHack Masters Winter EU against Mousesports in the grand final.

Astralis’ Journey to the Finals

The Danes lost their first match against Godsent immediately, sending them to the lower bracket. On their way to the finals, they did not drop a map after that initial loss, 2-0’ing Liquid, G2, Gambit, and Furia. Mousesports also did amazing before getting to the finals. They won every best of three they played in, and each player on the team was playing phenomenally. However, that all changed in the grand final.

Map 1

Map 1 was Train, and Mousesports could not seem to find any openings. If it were not for Frozen, the 16-5 scoreline could have been worse as he was the one opening up the rounds they won and ended the map with a 1.19 rating. Astralis took this map because of device’s fantastic performance with the AWP as he finished the series 26-8 with a 1.81 rating.

Map 2

Many assumed with Mousesports playing the way they were in map one, the series was going to be 3-0 to Astralis. But, Mousesports proved that statement wrong and dominated on Inferno, putting up 12 rounds on their CT side to end the map 16-3. Four players from Astralis finished the map with under ten kills, with device being the one exception. 

Map 3

For Nuke, Astralis put in Bubzkji and took out Xyp9x for the map. Although Bubzkji did not significantly impact the map, both device and Magisk had a great match and a great CT side to give them the map. However, this map was a lot harder for them to win with ropz and Bymas over 20 kills. What won the match for Astralis were the clutch scenarios with device winning a 1v3 and gla1ve winning a 1v4 on T side to push Astralis closer to winning the game. 

Map 4

On Vertigo, Astralis looked unstoppable at first with a 6-1 lead before Mousesports replied to end the half 9-6. On Mousesports’s T side, ropz was on fire. Astralis were down 14-11 but strung together four rounds before Mousesports forced overtime. In the first set of OT rounds, Astralis were at match point before Mousesports came back to send the map to a second OT. The game seemed even here, with device posting an amazing 4k to save his team and get them a little closer to victory. However, at the score of 19-20, the match saw a 30+ minute pause due to karrigan’s ping issue to resolve his 100 ping. The game resumed, and Astralis won the last two rounds to end the series and take home the trophy of DreamHack Masters Winter EU. 

You can view the full HLTV match details here

Zain Merchant is an Esports writer who has previously worked with Team Dignitas. He loves FPS games such as Valorant, Counter-Strike and Valorant.